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The Pearl of the Middle East

#Bahrain #Kingdom #middleeast Bahrain, known as the Pearl Island, or the country of millions of palm trees, is located in the heart of the Middle East, being its smallest unit. Sadly, there aren’t many palm trees left on the island but locals say that some 60-70 years ago their land was vividly green. At least before oil was found. Getting There - Bahrain can be reached by a number of major world airlines, such as Turkish Airlines, Emirates, including the domestic carrier Gulf Air. Optionally, you can reach Bahrain by car crossing the bridge connecting this small island to its large neighbour, Saudi Arabia. Attractions - Bahrain National Museum, World Trade Centre, Bahrain International Circuit, Amwaj Beach. Hotels - the Novotel Bahrain is a good choice as it has its private beach. Food & Restaurants - you’ll find plenty of restaurants in Manama and other areas of the island, serving the local cuisine. In case you prefer something more European or Asian in terms of food, it won’t be a problem either. Shopping - Bahrainis are fond of shopping centres, it’s one of their favourite time-killers, which is why you’ll see them here and there. Once you are fed up with them, you can go exploring the local markets where you will find the atmosphere of the Middle East. But it’s better to practise you bargaining skills before going there 😃
Posted: Dec 23, 2023
Sunil Soozo
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