Just returned from Lijiang, a four-day three-night mini guide (lying flat version

✈️Transportation Changsha round trip to Lijiang Bought the tickets more than a week in advance, should be relatively cheap Per capita 800➕ We stayed in Lijiang Ancient Town for three days and Shuhe Ancient Town for one day There is a bus from the airport to Lijiang Ancient Town🚌, you can take it when you arrive, 20 per person. 🙋ID card, power bank, hat, sunscreen!!!!!! - Day1 🏠Stayed near the big water wheel in Lijiang Ancient Town, the people at the guesthouse are very enthusiastic They gave us a detailed introduction of what is worth checking out in Lijiang Ancient Town and what to avoid, the room has a big bathtub🛁 - Lunch at the very popular local Dianxi Prince - stroll around Lijiang Ancient Town - see small bridges and flowers all over the city - browse small accessory shops (ordinary shawls are up to 15 each, remember to bargain for bracelets, rings and other souvenirs) - Day2 🏠The second day we stayed at Cuiyuan, very close to the first one, wanted to experience a different style, this one is a super Chinese retro courtyard style, with floor heating - Breakfast had the hotel's rice noodles (very good) - ate at the neighboring Old Wang (Yunnan cuisine, the potatoes are delicious) - visited Mu Mansion (the Tusi Mansion that has experienced the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties) - folk song bar Day3 🏠The third day we stayed at Yintang in Shuhe Ancient Town, on the hillside, it gave me a feeling of being at home, everyone is very enthusiastic and talkative, there are also two Corgi dogs, it was hard to leave Had the same meal as Youth Around the World at the Ruin Restaurant in Shuhe (the yak meat pot is very good) - Yulong Snow Mountain Yushanping - Blue Moon Valley (it is recommended to buy an oxygen bottle in advance, for high altitude use), Yushanping only need to buy a 60 per person small cable car ticket, including round trip cable car and bus to Blue Moon Valley Day4 Took a tour around Shuhe Ancient Town, less commercial atmosphere than Lijiang Ancient Town, worth a visit, leisurely life 📍The four-day trip is over, experienced the charm of Yunnan and the Naxi people, the local customs and characteristics of Lijiang, remember the rice noodles are very delicious, the potatoes and yak meat of Yunnan cuisine are amazing, very reluctant to leave, back to the mountains to work🧱
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 7, 2024
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