Overlooking the ancient city and looking at the snow-capped mountains, the Lijiang Qianxue Building is really beautiful!

This is the newly opened Qianxue Building in the ancient city of Lijiang at the end of last year. The name is very poetic and it is a very worthwhile hotel to look forward to and go to. In my opinion, it can be ranked in the top five must-stay hotels in Lijiang! 🏨Lijiang Nanman Qianxue Building The hotel is located on Lion Mountain in the ancient city of Dayan, Lijiang (next to Dayan Aman), built around the original site of the Qing Dynasty temple Jinglian Temple, looking up at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain on one side and overlooking the ancient city of Dayan on the other, enjoying the tranquility of the ancient temple in the bustling. Merged into the fireworks of the ancient city, and quietly settled in a corner. The building area is about 3000 square meters, divided into 7 courtyards, with a total of 24 rooms. Facilities: lobby, restaurant, water bar, book bar, meeting room, tea room, Zen room, cloud bar, internet celebrity viewing platform! In the courtyard of the lobby, the two-story wooden structure building with gray tiles and white walls, the blue sky and white clouds are reflected on the water surface, and walking in the corridor seems to be in a fairyland. In the restaurant, you can watch the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and the book bar viewing platform can overlook the ancient city of Dayan. Every step is a scene, you can enjoy the scenery on all sides, it is apt to say that poetry and Zen meet here. The hotel room is very large, with a new Chinese design style, full of oriental charm, the facilities and decoration details inside are very particular, revealing a low-key luxury temperament everywhere. For example, I really like the Fannishi record player in the room, and I am instantly intoxicated by the charm of vinyl records. The mini bar is also very powerful, with more than a dozen drinks, chocolates and red wine inside, and it is already included in the room rate. 24-hour butler service, when I checked in, the butler introduced the hotel and the facilities in the room very carefully, and the experience was very good. Welcome Transportation ➢You can take a taxi to the bottom of Lion Mountain when you check in to the hotel, contact the hotel butler to help carry your luggage down the mountain, and walk up to the hotel for about 3 minutes. ➢ The hotel is 30 minutes drive from Lijiang High Speed Railway Station, 40 minutes drive from the airport, and 50 minutes drive from Jade Dragon Snow Mountain .
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Posted: Feb 17, 2024
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Near Lijiang Ancient City|Inside Dayan Ancient Town, Lijiang
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