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Lijiang Ancient City Garden Homestay! So beautiful that you don't want to check out!

There is such a paradise-like homestay hidden in the ancient city of Lijiang Once you check in, you can't stop taking pictures, I can stay here for a day It's really too comfortable, the whole garden courtyard🏡 And the room is also very smart, with a large fill light mirror! A must-have artifact for girls to make up and be vain There is also a Dyson hair dryer~ it dries up in a moment You can also see the beautiful scenery of Yulong Snow Mountain in the room⛰️ The sun is too full, I took a lot of beautiful photos! I'm really so happy, I stayed for several days, I don't want to check out!!
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Posted: Feb 17, 2024
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Lijiang Guiye B&B

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Near Lijiang Ancient City|Inside Dayan Ancient Town, Lijiang
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