The Amandayan in Lijiang is one of the best domestic resorts I have ever stayed at, with hardly any rivals

Watching the sun shine on the Golden Mountain from the Amandayan in Lijiang The Amandayan is one of the best domestic resorts I have ever stayed at, with hardly any rivals. The hotel has only about thirty rooms, which are very exquisite, so the service is also very good. With Aman's consistent high-end design, you can directly view the sun shining on the Golden Mountain from the hotel, which is very auspicious for the new year~ The hotel's dining left a deep impression on me. The breakfast is not overly abundant, which actually makes it more appetizing without causing decision fatigue. One is the rooftop bar that overlooks the Lijiang ancient town, and the other is a Chinese restaurant serving local dishes, both of which are very well done, and the prices are more affordable than the average five-star hotel. The cultural activities arranged by the hotel are also very interesting. There are guides to take you around the ancient town (which is really a relief, as the ancient town is too big and it's easy to get lost, so it's great to have someone lead the way), you can watch local performances, and in the evening, you can even join the locals for a bonfire dance, and so on. In summary, I really recommend everyone to come here for a leisurely vacation. The sunshine and air are unbeatable, and the level of facilities like the swimming pool and spa is also top-notch. I'll leave the rest for everyone to explore~
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Posted: Feb 23, 2024
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Near Lijiang Ancient City|Inside Dayan Ancient Town, Lijiang
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