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Of course, it is located within the Lijiang Ancient Town, a national 5A scenic area, with a superior geographical position that is convenient for traveling and shopping, very convenient! Surrounding attractions: Yulong Snow Mountain Baisha Ancient Town Shuhe Ancient Town Yuhu Village Bright and tranquil environment and atmosphere! The inn is so big! The colors are really traditional Chinese! The rooms even come with a viewing balcony, oh! It's really super amazing! Smart guest control, constant temperature toilet, central air conditioning, etc., are available, with large floor-to-ceiling windows for viewing, and the rooms have large beds, twin beds, family rooms, and loft-style scenic rooms for everyone to choose from; there is a super large tea table in the lobby, offering free Pu'er tea for you to taste, so fragrant! There's also a hot spring! And the water is very clean!
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
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Lijiang Encounter Time Banzaige Inn

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Near Lijiang Ancient City|Inside Dayan Ancient Town, Lijiang
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