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Lijiang Ancient Town | The solitude and romance beneath the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

"Timber-framed houses with blue tiles, ancient streets and stone alleys, small bridges over flowing water, flowers blooming everywhere, the snow mountain calls"—this is the best description of Lijiang Ancient Town. Lijiang Ancient Town, along with Langzhong in Sichuan, Pingyao in Shanxi, and Shexian in Anhui, which are also the second batch of national historical and cultural cities, are known as the "four best-preserved ancient towns". Xianwen Alley: Also known as the 'Oil Paper Umbrella Street', it is a colorful Yunnan by day and a warm retro alley by night~ Sakura Restaurant: This restaurant, surrounded by flowers and small bridges, is indeed beautiful, and it's also a great place to take photos nearby. The Big Water Wheel: After being overcrowded, the Big Water Wheel has been quiet for 3 years and is now welcoming its spring again. It is also a classic spot in Lijiang Ancient Town. The Eye of Lijiang: Located at the entrance and exit of Dayan Huaxiang Ancient Town, it offers a view of the Wangu Tower on Lion Hill and the scenery of the ancient town, with a dazzling night view~ The Big Stone Bridge: Take photos of the Big Stone Bridge from the flower creek and stone path below. Yichi Alley: Here you can immerse yourself in the culture of Lijiang. Zhenxing Alley: The street is hung with colorful lanterns, covered with Dongba pictographs, and is full of the rich atmosphere of Dongba culture. Wind Chime Street (Wanzi Bridge): From Wanzi Bridge to Nanmen Bridge, there are many wind chimes hanging under the eaves, which jingle when the breeze blows. Tour Route: South Gate of the Ancient Town (Zhongyi Market) - July 1st Street (Wind Chime Street) - Zhenxing Street (Lantern Alley) - Big Stone Bridge (Sakura Restaurant) - Baisui Fang - Xianwen Alley (Oil Paper Umbrella) - Sifang Street (Center of the Ancient Town) - Lion Hill (Wangu Tower) - Lion Hill Night Market - North Gate (The Big Water Wheel) - The Eye of Lijiang Viewing Platform Lijiang Ancient Town (Open all day, a must-visit!) Admission: Free, just swipe your ID card to enter Recommendation: Stay on the outskirts of Lijiang Ancient Town Transportation: From the train station, take bus No. 4 or 16 to reach Zhongyi Market Ancient Town. You can also take a Didi directly 20 Play Time: 4-5 hours Things to note: 1. No ancient maintenance fee is required here 2. The ancient town is paved with stone slabs, which are difficult to walk on, so wear your most comfortable shoes! 3. If you don't want to get tanned in one day, make sure to apply sunscreen!
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Posted: Apr 9, 2024
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