Eternal victory over Chenghai

How many people have longed for Yunnan because of the song 'South of the Colorful Clouds'? Whether you have been to Yunnan or not, today I want to show you the gentle times of Lijiang, Yunnan. Starting from the center of Lijiang city, you can take a bus to reach Yongsheng Chenghai, which is named for its clear lake surface. If you want to stay here for a few more days, you might choose to take a cruise or row a boat yourself to enjoy the lake and mountain scenery from a different perspective. In the afternoon, you can go to the viewing platform to have a distant view of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Yunnan is a region with low latitude and high altitude, so be sure to protect yourself from ultraviolet rays. Friends can bring more sunscreen and sun hats, but remember that the temperature difference between morning and evening is quite large here, so remember to bring a coat, attention Lijiang is a city where you won't know how to dress without checking the weather forecast. After playing around the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, you can drive to Shuhe Ancient Town. There is now a bus service from Dayan Ancient Town to Shuhe Ancient Town, or you can take a taxi. We can go to Sifang Tingyin Square to watch song and dance performances, Feihua Touch Water, and even ride horses or retrace the Ancient Tea Horse Road. If you get hungry from all the exploring, you can taste local specialties such as wrapped bean curd, chicken bean jelly, and smoked rib hotpot. On the fourth day, we can find a scenic spot in the ancient town to enjoy the slow life of Yunnan. The journey is about to end, and such a Lijiang makes the F4 (family) linger and forget to return. If you want to know more travel tips, please follow my new account. I am resign, let's explore the world together, goodbye!
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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