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| Hailuogou Guide. 😍😍 Imagine standing on the snow-capped mountains of Western Sichuan, where the majestic peaks seem to transform into a fairyland on earth. The thrilling sight of the sunlit golden mountains, the breathtaking ice waterfalls, all these awe-inspiring scenes are hidden in the enchanting Swallow Gully. Doesn't this fantastical journey make you eager to explore it for yourself? ✨🧡 🤩🤩 I'd like to recommend an amazing homestay—Lanshan·Baiyunli Hot Spring Homestay. 🌟🛏️ 📍 Located beneath the No. 2 Glacier of Hailuogou, the Lanshan·Baiyunli Hot Spring Homestay boasts a high aesthetic value with its simple yet elegant design. Enjoy the ultimate comfort of soaking in the hot springs on a snowy day! Paired with delicious food and wine, you can taste red wine while enjoying the hot springs, basking in that unique romantic glow of the hot spring light. 🎉 🛀 Speaking of the accommodation environment, the design team pays special attention to sound insulation, equipped with high-quality bathroom amenities and toiletries, allowing you to admire the beautiful scenery in a comfortable setting. Ample rest time lets you fully immerse yourself in the harmonious beauty of nature. 🌄🍷 🎁 Of course, traveling with kids is no problem at all! The homestay also has a dedicated children's playground and activity area, where not only can the kids have a blast, but they can also get up close and personal with nature, fostering compassion and responsibility. 🤝 🌈 Lastly, don't forget about the endless-view landscape swimming pool, gym, conference room, and entertainment hall, etc., where you can enjoy pleasant times in all aspects! For those who love photography, the rooftop terrace is definitely a prime spot for taking pictures! 🤳 🎉 Besides all the above, there are more surprises waiting for you to discover! Pack your bags, bring your family and friends, and start this exciting ice and snow feast! 💖
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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Hailuogou Lanshan Baiyunli Hot Spring Homestay

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Near Hailuogou Glacier Forest Park, Luding
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