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"The Gold Coast has 300 sunny days, only 65 days may rain" Just so happens, we encountered 1/65 🙈 In the drizzling rain, it's more suitable to visit the local wineries 🍷 Tamborine Mountain Winery A winery that has won countless awards, using local specialty fruits to make wine. These green organic fruits, as if infused with soul, are refreshing under the irrigation of rich red volcanic soil and fresh mountain spring water. I like this Acacia liqueur, which is very smooth as a base for cocktails🍹. This winery is also a supplier for Lush and Marriott Hotels 🧺 Canungra Valley Vineyard On one side, you can walk with the cute Gold Coast alpacas🦙, on the other side, you can sit in the woods and enjoy a quiet and wonderful picnic 🔍 Cedar Creek Glow Worm Caves Approach the Cedar Creek Glow Worm Caves and open up a new perspective: the blue glow worms unique to the Southern Hemisphere. This place is specifically built to protect the endangered glow worms. Thousands of blue glow worms in the cave emit blue light, just like the brightest stars in the night sky✨ 🚶🏻 Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk This 30-acre tropical rainforest is privately owned. Walking on the 1.5 km long forest ground trail and 40m high cantilever bridge, the rainforest is within reach🌳
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Posted: Feb 13, 2024
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Tamborine Mountain Distillery

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Mount Tamborine
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