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UK Check-in|Wizards, remember to visit your alma mater after graduation

🚩London King's Cross Station: Platform 9¾🚂 As a must-pass place to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, King's Cross Station has now become a popular check-in landmark. There is a souvenir shop next to the platform, school uniforms, magic wands, golden snitch... Wizards, don't miss it. - 📌Tips: ✅When taking pictures, the staff of the Harry Potter store will help prepare magic wands, pull scarves, and take professional photos. If you want to take the photos taken by the staff, you need to pay. ✅King's Cross Station has trains to Cambridge, York, Edinburgh and other places. The west side of the station is St Pancras railway station, London's international station, where you can take the Eurostar and so on. . Australian Embassy in the UK: "Gringotts"💸 The wizard bank in the magical world-Gringotts, was filmed at the Australian Embassy in the London financial district, 📌Tips: ✅The public is not allowed to enter, but it's okay to take pictures at the door. . Leadenhall Market🥂 In "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", it was the filming location of Diagon Alley and the Leaky Cauldron. However, the Leaky Cauldron has now become an optician's shop, but the exterior can still be seen. - 🚩Oxford Oxford University City is the main filming location for the indoor scenes of Hogwarts The dining hall where the four colleges of Hogwarts dine together is the college dining hall of Christ Church, Oxford University. 🍽The Bodleian Library in Oxford is also the filming location of the Hogwarts Hospital and Library In "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", Harry appeared here in an invisibility cloak. This Baroque-style building has also appeared as a classroom for Transfiguration and Potions. 📌Tips: ✅Photography is not allowed in the library. - 🚩York🔑 The Shambles: Diagon Alley The Shambles in the center of York is the filming location of Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter movie. The school supplies in "Harry Potter" are all purchased here. - 🚩Lake District The Lake District, known as "the most beautiful scenery in central England", is not only the hometown of the famous fairy tale Peter Rabbit It is also one of the outdoor filming locations for "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" The lake that Harry flew over on a Hippogriff was filmed in the Lake District🦉 - 🚩Edinburgh Elephant Cafe☕ J.K. Rowling completed the world-renowned "Harry Potter" series here while sipping coffee and writing tirelessly. Now this place is a gathering place for Harry Potter fans. —— Have a pleasant Hogwarts version of UK travel~ The UK Spring Festival travel plan is out✨ D1 Chengdu-London . D2 London-Windsor-Newton -Check in Hogwarts dining hall, Quidditch training ground . D3 Oxford-Bicester-Stratford-Manchester - D4 Manchester-Lake District-Glasgow - ...... 📩📩See detailed itinerary
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Posted: Dec 4, 2023
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