2024, I finally found the Mirror of the Sky in Qingdao

I won't allow in Qingdao, for any sister to not know about this place! 📍Yumingzui 🌈🌈🌈Transportation Guide 💚Self-driving Set your GPS to the big house coffee, there are many parking spots nearby, and it's right next to the scenic spot. Even if you go for a walk later, it's convenient to come back to get the car. It's recommended to camp or have a picnic here, it's really nice! 💙Bike Rental Set your GPS to 'Xunzhiguang Bike Shop' at the Shell Museum store, start cycling around the island, see image 4 for the specific route. The rental is 12/h, with a range of fifty to sixty kilometers, enough for a round-the-island trip. Roughly cycling, playing, and taking photos, it takes about 6 hours to complete the journey. 💜Public Transportation citywalk Set your GPS to the big house coffee, take the subway line 1 to Jinggangshan Road A2 exit, then transfer to bus 50 to Yumingzui bus station, walk 300m to reach the scenic spot directly! Start your citywalk journey~ See image 4 for the route. 🌈🌈🌈Scenic Spot Guide 🟢Yumingzui The first three photos were taken here. After reaching the intersection to the big house coffee, walk towards the sea and you'll see a large area of reef! Go down and you'll see the shooting location! This place has a lot of photo opportunities. 🔵Liansandao Suitable for sea foraging! For photography, the small sceneries, plank roads, and stone paths along the way are quite beautiful, but the Liansandao scenic area itself is not that great. It's circled in image 4, don't go in and waste time! 🟣Yinsha Beach Lightning avoidance, if you're doing a citywalk, stop when you almost reach here! There's nothing~ The beach is even fenced off, walked a lot of unnecessary paths! Go up and take the bus directly to Jinsha Beach to watch the sunset, there are also swings, popular check-in spots, and Beer City to take photos~ 🌈🌈🌈Essential Items 1⃣️Light-colored clothes: Easier to create a fresh and clean atmosphere in photos, very refreshing. 2⃣️Telephoto camera: I used my phone to take photos, but a telephoto lens is better, giving a lonelier feeling across the reefs and the sea. 3⃣️Food and water: There are not many places to eat nearby, it's recommended to bring some favorite snacks with yo
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Posted: Feb 28, 2024
千里之行, 始於足下。
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