I was amazed by the Lantern Festival in Shanghai's Yu Garden, which instantly maxed out the New Year atmosphere!

Recently, above Ninghui Road in Shanghai's Yu Garden, a colorful array of fish gathered into the form of a dragon dance, weaving between the flying eaves and arches, reminiscent of Xin Qiji's 'Green Jade Case on Lantern Festival' where 'the phoenix flute moves, the light of the jade pot shifts, and fish and dragons dance all night'. The Lantern Festival runs from mid to late January 2024 to the end of February, lasting for more than 40 days. Here are a few must-visit spots: one is in front of the Nine Lions Tower, another is in front of the Ninghui Pavilion, with the main event on both sides of the Nine-Turn Bridge, and the rest are scattered passageways and corridors. This year's festival, like a huge aquarium, is filled with fish everywhere, and there's a queue at the Nine-Turn Bridge area, which is quite spectacular. The ticket for the lantern festival is 80 yuan, and I bought a lantern joint ticket for 138 yuan, which came with a lantern that I had to redeem at the 'Cong Cong Shop'. With this lantern, I walked through Yu Garden, Fangbang Middle Road, and the Shiliupu Wharf. There were only a few street lights on at Shiliupu Wharf, it was dark and difficult to see, but carrying the lantern made going up and down the stairs feel very safe.
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
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