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t in Europe but in Shanghai! Discovered another beautiful vacation spot

After the Spring Festival holiday, I took Mom to the Suning Universal Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Shanghai for a vacation.🧚‍♀️ Mom really liked it, she said it felt like going abroad, with European-style architecture all around. Looking out from the windows of the room or the restaurant, you really get the illusion of being in Europe. The rooms are quite comfortable, with a retro style. There's a scenic spot just downstairs, and you can take great photos just by walking around! In the evening, we had a Thai family meal at the lobby bar, which was very authentic Southeast Asian flavor, very good, and the design style was very special, with a strong exotic atmosphere.🍤🫕 The next day, after having the buffet breakfast, we went to the Suning Art Museum across the street to appreciate Chinese calligraphy and painting art, sculptures, and porcelain, etc. The design of the museum is also fantastic. Those who like classical calligraphy and painting art must come and see, it's really worth it!🎨 After browsing the exhibition, I rested at the hotel with Mom, had afternoon tea, and tasted everything from pastries, desserts to fruits. Mom was especially happy, hehe.🍮🍰 There are also Changfeng Park and Changfeng Joy City nearby to visit, and it's really nice to come here for a leisurely weekend getaway!🚶‍
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Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Changfeng Park

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Near Zhenbei Road Metro Station|Changfeng Park Area, Shanghai
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