In the memory, the animals in the zoo are not sleeping, they like to take the butt to the tourists, and the smell that is invisible in the air is really very sensational. The Shanghai Wildlife Park completely overturned my imagination of the zoo and was worth calling for her. It is recommended to enter the park and go to the beast bus area to reduce the queue time. The zoo ticket contains free bus tickets. However, if you want to see feeding, you have to buy a special equipment ticket. I recommend everyone to take this close-up observation of the beast's iron bar car, which is very exciting! There is only a brown bear who has been eating in the car for a long time in order to eat radish. It is important to understand the interpretation and performance time of each district. You can get the timetable by picking up the tour map or downloading the official app. It is highly recommended to watch Russian circus, Panda Hall, Foxtail Island, Tiger Food, Sea Lion Show, Bear Bear Mountain Bear Feeding and so on. In addition, there are parent-child flamingos, alpacas, kangaroos, pigeons and parrots, all of which are not included in the ticket. Tired, there are many rest areas, very human. Of course, the purchase of a battery ticket is also a saving option. Telling the truth, watching the pandas squatting and smashing the bamboo, it is too cured, I can watch it all day. I was also climbed to the top of my head by a lemur and had a close encounter. There are many people in the popular animal area. It is recommended that everyone come to the park in the morning to play, and parking is very convenient. Finally, I hope that everyone will watch the animals in a civilized way, and don't feed and beat the glass at will. Love animals, everyone is responsible!
Posted: Sep 13, 2019
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