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A comprehensive guide to traveling in Australia for first-timers, please keep it well

A comprehensive guide to traveling in Australia‼️ First-timers, please keep it well||| How to play for the first☝️time in Australia, let me explain it to you all at once~ Sisters who want to set off during the Spring Festival and winter vacation, remember to keep this nanny-level strategy! Take you to play in Australia without stepping on thunder💣️, happily start the adventure in the southern hemisphere~ · 【🌞Australia Climate】 Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, and the seasons are exactly the opposite of our country✅ 👉12-2 months summer, 3-5 months autumn, 6-8 months winter, 9-11 months spring 🌟If you want to spend the winter in reverse season, it's just right to go to Australia~ · 【📚Travel Guide】 ▪️ T-shirts, skirts, shirts, sneakers, thin jackets ▫️ The Australian summer sun is strong, it is strongly recommended to bring sun protection products, such as sunscreen, sunglasses and hats ▪️Remember to bring your ID card, passport, international driver's license; prepare for motion sickness, colds, diarrhea💊etc · 【🌷Must-visit cities in Australia】 📍Melbourne 📍Brisbane 📍Gold Coast 📍Sydney 📍Cairns 📍Perth · 【👒Australia Attractions】 ✨Great Barrier Reef: the world's largest coral reef ✨Great Ocean Road: Known as "the most beautiful coastal road in the world" ✨Sydney Harbour Bridge: As famous as the Sydney Opera House ✨Kuranda Rainforest: Breathtaking ancient rainforest ✨Mrs Macquarie's Chair: The best place to overlook the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge ✨Blue Mountains National Park: Listed as a natural world heritage ✨Uluru: The heart of Australia · 【📝Travel Tips】 ✅Conversion plug: The type of Australian socket is a triangular flat plug, prepare the conversion plug in advance ✅Cash: Australia can swipe visa, but it's best to bring a small amount of cash for emergencies ✅Time difference: The time in Western Australia is the same as in China, the central part is 1.5h faster than the west, and the east is 2h faster than the west ✅Transportation: Australian buses, trains, and trams need to swipe cards when getting on and off, and playing with mobile phones is forbidden during driving ✅Translation software: If you are worried about communication problems, you can download translation software in advance
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Jan 30, 2024
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