Grand Hyatt Xi'an is even more affordable than Hyatt

If a Grand Hyatt priced just over seven hundred is not considered the cheapest nationwide, then being overshadowed in price by its little brother Hyatt in the same city is probably unique The location is indeed a bit off, the High-tech Zone is a bit far from the city center, and it's not close to any tourist attractions. From this perspective, it's understandable that there's a price inversion with its little brother. The quality in all aspects is very much on point, a first-line brand is indeed trustworthy, the hardware facilities are well maintained, and it doesn't feel like a hotel that has been in operation for six years at all. There's no need to say much about the service and cleanliness, it meets the level expected of this price and brand The hotel design is full of sense, and although there is no extensive use of red in the overall color scheme, the touch of crimson used in the details perfectly highlights the brand's signature color ☞ Grand Hyatt Red. The lobby is not large, but the irregular glass skylight, the polyhedral light fixtures, and the white curved linear decorations make it look very sci-fi and futuristic The gym and swimming pool are fully equipped, smaller than expected, but the quality of equipment and environment is up to par. Surprisingly, there were seven or eight people working out in the gym at eight o'clock in the evening, which is quite rare The hotel has five restaurants, offering Chinese and Western cuisine, buffet, and bar, catering to all kinds of needs, but the overall quality does not seem outstanding, falling short of W The room layout is quite unconventional (standard room), with the corridor in the middle and double beds on both sides, perhaps considering privacy. The indoor area is quite large for its class, but most of the space is given to the wash area, with two separate washbasins, an independent toilet with a sink, a shower room and a bathtub each, and a separate cloakroom and ironing area The TV is squeezed into a small corner on the side, quite unique Although the room layout is unconventional, the overall aesthetics are on point, with lines, colors, and decorations incorporating many Chinese elements, effortlessly navigating between classical and modern. All hardware facilities are top-notch, with electric curtains, smart speakers, electronic switches, and more, using high-quality TOTO sanitary ware, even the room cards are made of wood However, there are some downsides, the disposable products are too perfunctory, slippers without a brand logo, relatively low-quality toothbrushes and combs, large bottles of shower gel and shampoo, no razor provided, and the drinking water is simply Farmer's Spring water to save trouble
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Posted: May 23, 2024
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Grand Hyatt Xi'an

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Near Lvdi Center|High-tech Zone, Xi'an
#8 of Gourmet Hotels in Xi'an
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