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Trip.Best Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Manas County [2024]

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Manas County. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jun 2024
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    "The narrator explained very well, like taking a history class, stringing all the western regions of history, making people have a comprehensive understanding of Xinjiang history, the narrator is the key to the revitalization of the museum history. Praise!"
    Urumqi.Youhao Road Commercial Zone
    >100km from Manas County
    Highlights: The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum generally is situated on Northwest Road in Urumqi, and is a gathering and logical research focus in Xinjiang. The presence of the Uighur building style, the gallery truly is likewise designed with ethnic attributes, which essentially is very critical. The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum for the most part has gathered verifiable relics, ethnic relics, entirely progressive social relics and fundamentally numerous genuinely different things. It demonstrates the historical backdrop of Xinjiang and the people traditions of different ethnic gatherings, and in addition uncommon household presentations especially, for example, the Dead especially Dead Museum.
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    "It is worth a visit and a visit! Since 17 years ago, this is the third time I have visited Xinjiang Ancient Ecological Park, and the experience is better than one. Overall it is shocking! Can see the boss's domestic feelings and efforts to protect the ecology. Will recommend to friends around."
    Urumqi.Xinjiang Medical University
    >100km from Manas County
    Highlights: Xinjiang Ancient Ecological Park is found in the Liyushan Park in Urumqi City. It belongs to the Garden of the Garden. The park collects and protects a large number of precious ancient ecological resources such as silicified wood, black iron meteorite, Platts wild horse and sweaty horse. In the Xinjiang Ancient Ecological Park, you can see the ancient sweat-blooded horses, listen to the sounds of the meteorites, and taste the oil painting art of Europe. You can also stay at the cultural and theme hotel of the wild horse silk road station, and taste the rich cultural charm of the Xinjiang Ancient Ecological Park.
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    "Shuimogou Park is located in Shuimogou District, Urumqi City. Shuimogou Scenic Area is composed of "five mountains and one river" (Qingquan Mountain, Hongqiao Mountain, Hot Spring Mountain, Shuita Mountain, Snow Lotus Mountain and Shuimo River), integrating ice and snow style and beautiful landscape, and is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. The scenic spot is free. There are Qingquan Temple and children's playground, Yangxianshi and other attractions. The swans and wild ducks in the park and lithium are very interesting."
    >100km from Manas County
    Highlights: Shuimogou Park is located in the eastern suburbs of the urban area. It is a large-scale park in the city. There are small bridges and flowing water, pavilions and pavilions in the park. A great place for a relaxing weekend getaway. Shuimogou Park is very large, with a length and width of several kilometers. There are sightseeing cars in the park, which can be used for sightseeing. In the park, there are lakes, trees, goldfish and rockeries, etc., and the environment is very good. In addition, there are statues of historical celebrities such as Ji Xiaolan and Zuo Zongtang, which can be visited one by one. There are some children's amusement projects in the park. You can go boating and boating on the lake, which is suitable for bringing children to play. In addition to visiting the park, Shuimogou is also a famous hot spring resort. On the west side of the park, there are West Holiday Hot Spring Hotel, Xuelianshan Golf Hot Spring Spa Club, etc., where you can enjoy warmth.
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    "The second time I went, the biggest change now is that the accompanying people do not need tickets. This reduces the burden of many parents, and children can play as much as they like. The biggest advantage of working days is that there are fewer people and no need to queue. The staff are very enthusiastic and happy, I hope Aqilong can operate well."
    Urumqi County
    >100km from Manas County
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    "Urumqi Water Park is located at No. 2 Yan'erwo Road, Tianshan District, Urumqi City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China. It is located at Santunbei Station by bus. It has a superior location and has many bus lines to reach this place. The environment is very beautiful, clean and tidy, and affordable. There are many amusement projects, happy and beautiful, come here, the mood will be very happy, you can take the Ferris wheel to see the beautiful scenery of Urumqi, this is a very beautiful park"
    Urumqi.Xinjiang University Surrounding
    >100km from Manas County
    Highlights: The Ürümqi Water Park is located at No. 2, Yan'erwo Street, Tianshan District, Ürümqi. It is a multipurpose amusement park that integrates garden art and entertainment. Gifted with a unique landscape, the park's natural waters host a woodland ecology due to the dispersion of wild reeds. On the smooth surface of the lake speedboats and cruises shuffle. The area's distinctive characteristics include its ethnic architecture. From the front area's sightseeing corridor, which runs over 100 meters, one can enjoy breathtaking views. In the park there are also attractions such as three-ring roller coaster, Ferris wheel, and bungee jumping tower.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Manas County?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Manas County include:Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum, Xinjiang Ancient Ecological Park, Shuimogou Park, Jinmao Silk Road Park, Ürümqi Water Park
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Manas County?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Manas County include:Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum:4.7, Xinjiang Ancient Ecological Park:4.6, Shuimogou Park:4.6, Jinmao Silk Road Park:4.8, Ürümqi Water Park:4.3
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Manas County located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Manas County are mainly located in:Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum:Urumqi, Xinjiang Ancient Ecological Park:Urumqi, Shuimogou Park:Urumqi, Jinmao Silk Road Park:Urumqi County, Ürümqi Water Park:Urumqi