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Leaning Tower of Pisa
Italy must go to one of the attractions Leaning Tower leaning tower The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the freestanding bell tower of the Cathedral of Pisa, Italy, world famous The landscape is also one of the Italian symbols. Located behind the Cathedral of Pisa, it is one of the three major buildings of the Square of Miracles. The bell tower was built in 1173 and was designed for vertical construction, but was tilted shortly after the start of the project due to uneven foundation and soft soil. It was finally completed in 1372 under the direction of Giovanni di Simone and Giovanni Pisano, a unique cylinder. The building took nearly 200 years to complete, and the tower leaned southeast. Due to its sloping and architectural features, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is unique in its beauty. . See the Raiders of the pizza before departure. I saw that many people actually use pizza as a transfer station to the Cinque Terre. They are storing their luggage at the train station and then going out to take photos and open the photos. Enough, even the Pisa tower is not up. However, the bag feels that although the Pisa Tower is expensive, it is a very special experience, at least not anywhere else! As soon as we stepped into the Pisa Tower, our body tilted and stood unsteadily. It was about to fall, and the body was instantly unbalanced. Both of them laughed loudly! Hahaha~ Still quite interesting~~~ Then climb the ladder, and there is a feeling of dizziness, it is very fun, haha! ! ! . The church angle above is good, just repaired, many scaffolding ~~~ No way, Italy is not repairing here is to repair there, scaffolding photos at any time, can only ignore the good ~~~ burger bag exclusive small Raiders: 1. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is recommended in the afternoon, the photo is smooth. 2. The leaning tower is a protected building, so the number of people on the tower is controlled every day and every time. 3. It is recommended to book tickets in advance on the official website. The official website can purchase tickets 21 days in advance, especially during the peak season. If you do not want to line up in the sun in southern Europe, remember to book tickets in advance. 4. Before you board the tower, you must store the package in the storage area. You can only bring your mobile phone, camera, etc., and the depository is free. Attractions: Address: Piazza dell'Arcivescovadl 8 (view map) How to arrive: Pisa Railway Station Go straight and walk for about 20 minutes. Or you can take the orange line LAM rossa bus directly to the bus stop opposite the Cheng-Central Railway Station; the return--Miracle Square entrance is opposite the bus stop within 10 minutes, one way 1.5 Euro / person. Fees: The cathedral is free to visit, but it is not free of charge, but you still have to go to the ticket office to get the ticket. There are four other attractions in the same place: the baptistery, the cemetery and the two museums. Any one of them is 5 euros, but two of them are 7 euros, three are 8 euros, and the four full visits are 9 Europe (whether you buy any kind of ticket, you will automatically include a free ticket to the cathedral).
Allegroitalia Pisa Tower Plaza
How can I come to Italy to see the Miracle Square, one of the Medieval Centers of Fine Arts, and the four buildings on the square: the Pisa Cathedral, the Baptistry, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the cemetery, all of which are artistic masterpieces in the history of architecture. It has had a profound impact on future architectural design. Then the question is coming, how to choose accommodation? Of course, the self-guided tour is most convenient next to the Miracle Square, because we are self-driving, so we have a wide choice, and for the convenience of the next day we chose the only 5 hotel in the Pisa area, the Italian Pisa Leaning Tower Hotel. [Hotel location] The hotel is 1.7 km from the Leaning Tower of Pisa and about 3 minutes by car. Pisa Train Station is just 1.1km away. For the convenience of self-drivers, the hotel has free parking and is very large. In addition, there is a bus to the pizza door at the entrance of the hotel. On the hotel's highest open-air balcony, you can clearly see the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the distance. [Hotel room] Double room is not big, there is a row of simple cabinets in the door, there are hangers, safes, refrigerators, drinks in the refrigerator need to pay for drinks, only need to drink hot water in the restaurant. The washroom is not only a simple wash basin, shower room, shampoo, shower gel. No toothpaste toothbrush and disposable slippers. [Hotel breakfast] Breakfast is on the first floor, the environment is quite transparent, the floor-to-ceiling glass window, you can see the outdoor swimming pool, imagine enjoying the food while enjoying the mermaid tour. The most like his family's breakfast, the breakfast is quite rich, at least for my Chinese stomach.
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