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Atlantis the Palm Dubai
FROM OH TO WOW !!!!! As a returning customer of 6 times at the Atlantis, My wife and children were disappointed to say the least firstly the price for us to stay for 10 days doubled to over 10k was it worth it ......... No is the answer we were not told the waterpark was only half open, The Kaleidoscope restaurant is closed for dinner until further notice and the Imperial club had lost its buzzing atmosphere and now was lacking any warmth. The wife and kids wanted to go home as it had lost its wow factor which was not good. So i complained and fair play the management turned it around for us. We also found out that many of the friends we had made with the staff were no longer there which was also not good as they were amazing in all aspects of service and how we were treated and become friends, most of the staff now are new with very little training and have no idea how to be warm just Robots with no direction not what you would expect from such a prestigious hotel how about the Hotel reach out and get the old staff back as they were such great ambassadors to the brand people like Sibi Thomas Butler,Jerry, George, Milland, Sri,Sheldon all from the IC. But by the end of the first day we found some of old staff and friends were still there not many though but oh so glad to see them:- Saffron and Kaleidoscope(breakfast only) Vino senior manager of both such a great guy and friend, Always puts 500% into everything he does for both staff and customers, you made our stay great and our thanks seems very little for what you and your staff done to welcome and look after us during the stay. Our utmost thanks to you always i hope senior management know what a great manager you truly are. Atul manager Saffron and Kaleidoscope(Breakfast) a truly great guy and an amazing asset to Vino on how you do your job with such warmth and perfection, always willing to look after Ciaran's needs thank you for all that you done for us during this stay as always we hope to see you on the next visit. Evguenia supporting Vino in saffron and Kaleidoscope whilst waiting to go to the Royal Atlantis as a Director. Such a lovely lady and a real asset for the hotel always eager to please and always came to greet us when we were in the restaurants, keep up your amazing work and thank you for being you good luck in your upcoming Job i am sure you will be amazing. General Staff Saffron and Kaleidoscope:- A huge thank you to Robert,Roman, Madonna, Priyanka, Ophelia, Joval and Jeff your attention to detail and how you looked after my family was amazing, Im sure Vino and his management know how well you guys are such an asset to the Atlantis Team well done and keep up your outstanding ethos Concierge Team:- Julia,Brian Thank you for helping with transport requirements and a special thank you to Julia for helping with my Vehicle to the Hospital and for tracking me down all and above your role a great role model for all of your team to follow. Senior Management :- Rizk Boujemaa,
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