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Top 8 Premium Hotels in Jiangyin - 2023

Discover the epitome of sophistication at premium hotels in Jiangyin. Experience the allure of upscale, boutique accommodations that exude high-end elegance. Indulge in exclusive amenities and sophisticated ambiance for an unforgettable stay.
Updated Dec 2023
  • No.1
    987 Reviews
    From 111
    Jiangyin.Hailan Pegasus Watertown Scenic Spot
    24.6km from downtown
  • No.2
    604 Reviews
    From 70
    Jiangyin.Chengjiang Downtown-Wanda Plaza-Binjiang Area
    433m from downtown
  • No.3
    458 Reviews
    From 66
    Jiangyin.Hailan Pegasus Watertown Scenic Spot
    25km from downtown
  • No.4
    1,004 Reviews
    From 56
    Jiangyin.Jiangyin Wanda Commercial Area
    3.4km from downtown
  • No.5
    2,036 Reviews
    From 39
    Jiangyin.Chengjiang Downtown-Wanda Plaza-Binjiang Area
    2.9km from downtown
  • 1
  • 2


What are some Premium Hotels in Jiangyin?
Some Premium Hotels in Jiangyin include:Marrisle Hotel|Sheraton Jiangyin Hotel|Taoyuan Resort|Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Changsheng Jiangyin|Hopesun Hotel
What are some highly-rated Premium Hotels in Jiangyin?
Some highly-rated Premium Hotels in Jiangyin include:Marrisle Hotel:4.8|Sheraton Jiangyin Hotel:4.8|Taoyuan Resort:4.8|Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Changsheng Jiangyin:4.7|Hopesun Hotel:4.8
At what locations in Jiangyin can Premium Hotels in Jiangyin be found?
The Premium Hotels in Jiangyin are mainly located in:Marrisle Hotel:Jiangyin/Hailan Pegasus Watertown Scenic Spot|Sheraton Jiangyin Hotel:Jiangyin/Chengjiang Downtown-Wanda Plaza-Binjiang Area|Taoyuan Resort:Jiangyin/Hailan Pegasus Watertown Scenic Spot|Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Changsheng Jiangyin:Jiangyin/Jiangyin Wanda Commercial Area|Hopesun Hotel:Jiangyin/Chengjiang Downtown-Wanda Plaza-Binjiang Area
How much do Premium Hotels in Jiangyin cost per night?
Price per night for Premium Hotels in Jiangyin:Marrisle Hotel:From £ 111.00/night|Sheraton Jiangyin Hotel:From £ 70.00/night|Taoyuan Resort:From £ 66.00/night|Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Changsheng Jiangyin:From £ 56.00/night|Hopesun Hotel:From £ 39.00/night
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