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Trip.Best Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Shuifu [2024]

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Shuifu. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jun 2024
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    "It was a very worthwhile experience. Miss Sister used the shortest path to experience all the classic content, help me quickly find the panda, help me take pictures, and help me get things, which is much more reliable than the breaking strategy on a sweet potato."
    Chengdu.Panda base/Theatre General Hospital
    >100km from Shuifu
    Highlights: You can watch adorable pandas up close
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    "Today, Mr. Zhao Fei explained to me the Chengdu Museum for nearly three hours, so that I not only saw the rich collection of Chengdu Museum, but also deeply understood the long history and deep cultural heritage of Chengdu. Teacher Zhao from the ancient Bayan civilization to tell me, through introducing the five ancient kings and early bronze, pottery and stone and other precious cultural relics, I not only learned the unique charm of the ancient civilization, but also learned the lifestyle and social structure of people at that time. In the exhibition hall of the Qin and Han periods, Mr. Zhao explained in detail the important status of Chengdu as a political, economic and cultural center during this period, especially the Shi Xi of the Han Dynasty impressed me very much. Then Mr. Zhao took me into the exhibition hall of the Tang and Song Dynasty. By explaining the exquisite gold and silverware, porcelain, and the literary scholars and calligraphy and painting works of the Song Dynasty, I deeply understood the cultural prosperity and artistic achievements of Chengdu during the Tang and Song Dynasty. Of course, through the explanation of Mr. Zhao, I also learned about the destruction of Chengdu by the Mongolian army in the Yuan Dynasty, and the tragic history of the massacre in Jixian County in the late Ming Dynasty. These tragic historical fragments have made me admire the tenacity and rebirth of Chengdu, and finally understand why Chengdu is such a inclusive city. Mr. Zhao's explanation, not only rich in content, clear logic, but also interspersed with a lot of interactive and interesting small stories, making the whole visit process easy and fulfilling. This explanation today is a kind of luck and enjoyment for me."
    Chengdu.Tianfu Square/Chengdu Museum
    >100km from Shuifu
    Highlights: Discover collections from the Neolithic Age to the Republic of China period
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    "Convenient transportation, the subway exit to the zoo, the zoo is complete, follow the signs to go, you can see many animals, the panda is very cute, the beast is very lazy, the sky is too hot, the shopping is very tired"
    >100km from Shuifu
    Highlights: Chongqing Zoo is situated in Yangjiaping in the city's Jiulongpo District. The zoo is home to one of China's national treasures, the panda, of which there are more than in the average zoo. The National Huanan Tiger Breeding Center is also based at the zoo. There is nothing better than visiting the zoo at the weekend with kids to look at the variety of animals. Chongqing Zoo is home to quite a complete range of animals, including giant pandas, giraffes, lions, zebra, elephants, tigers, crocodiles, and apes. If you follow the instructions when you stroll around the zoo, you can see all the animals without walking down the same path twice.
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    "If you don’t want to queue up to see the flowers, you can go to the Star Hanfang to see the small north floor. It’s too cute. The five little ones are working together. It’s really cute. I really want to rua giant pandas. I like it very much."
    Dujiangyan.Qingchengwai Mountain Area
    >100km from Shuifu
    Highlights: China's Giant Panda Conservation Research Center, Dujiangyan Base (also known as Panda Paradise) is located in Daguan Town, Dujiangyan City. At the base there are numerous charming, silly pandas along with sprawling lawns and bamboo forests, full of fresh air. This is a great place to have fun and see cute giant pandas, but also a great please to grow in knowledge and broaden your horizons. You can request a guided tour to learn much about pandas.
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  • No.5
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    "The beluga museum is a bit small, and the college student ticket is still worth going. The polar bear seems to be depressed, and I feel that this polar aquarium does not pay attention to the mental health of polar bears. There are a lot of turtles. The undersea tunnel takes pictures 📸 on weekdays, and there are fewer people."
    Chengdu.HuaYang Region/Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean Park
    >100km from Shuifu
    Highlights: A family-friendly paradise that blends the wonders of animal science with the beauty of nature
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  • No.6
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    "The zoo with such a low fare has not been there for a long time. The number and variety of animals in Chengdu Zoo are small. There are many tourists during May Day, so you can just stroll around. There are few drawbacks in the number of animals, such as some birds, just one, not even a similar boyfriend and girlfriend. Other animals are better-looking golden monkeys, Sichuan golden monkeys are really monkeys, Sino-American monkey king! It seems that there are only four, but this also must be eaten, the living environment is not crowded."
    Chengdu.The train north station/ChengDu Zoo
    >100km from Shuifu
    Highlights: There are hundreds of species at Chengdu Zoo, including mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and beautiful fish. You can appreciate tigers, lions, giraffes, red-crowned cranes, and elephants. The most-loved animal at the zoo is the giant panda. The snub-nosed monkey is also a favorite for children. Zhaojue Temple, a Buddhist temple, is located right next to the zoo and you can visit both attractions on the same trip.
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  • No.7
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    "The baby's fifth birthday, did not hold a party, brought her to the super flying man training camp, really happy. Some projects can only be experienced by children alone, she said to muster up the courage to be a brave baby. Especially when taking the small train, the children in her car will not untie the seat belt, she told others that they will not, and then she took the initiative to help untie, which must be praised by her. She didn't shout tired after a day, but because she was not tall enough to play a bumper car, she didn't pay attention to the time to miss the latest queue time of the Ferris wheel. She was a little sorry. It is recommended to bring children if it is a weekend or holiday, you can prepare for two days, so that you can play well, because many projects have been queued for a long time."
    Chongqing.Lijia/Happy Valley
    >100km from Shuifu
    Highlights: More than 100 attractions to choose from
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    "Bringing children, the weather is good, the interactive small game children like it very much, the sand, ball, water of the happy adventure island, you can play for a day, the main one is open to play, not basking in the sun, highly recommended."
    Chengdu.Chengdu Happy Valley andSouthwest Jiaotong University
    >100km from Shuifu
    Highlights: Happy Valley Chengdu is a theme park that is part of the Happy Valley Chain theme parks that also have editions in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. It is an attraction suitable for a day trip. They have a variety of thrilling rides that target visitors of different ages. With attractions like the Magic Castle District and the Happy Light District in the Valley, there are entertainment options catered for children. The park has four roller coasters with two best thrill rides (Dragon in Clouds and Fly Over Mediterranean) right next to each other. It also has multiple rides and attractions that are more mild and targeted at those with less of an appetite for thrills making it an ideal attraction for families.
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    "After the Chengdu Museum, a little rest came to the Sichuan Museum, not far from Du Fu's Cottage. The interpreter, Mr. Wen Xu, is very hot and the speed of the explanation is relatively fast. In a limited time, choose the key exhibits to make a full introduction, and try to avoid the content and Chengdu Museum duplication, which is very efficient. The main exhibition area of Sichuan Museum is only two floors, and the content is quite compact. From prehistoric to Ming and Qing Dynasties, history and culture are really informative."
    Chengdu.Du Fu thatched cottage/Sichuan people's Hospital
    >100km from Shuifu
    Highlights: Sichuan Museum is located on Huanhua South Street in Chengdu's Wuhou District (to the east of Huanhuaxi Park). Among the most distinctive museum's collections are the Bhag Bronze, Zhang Daqian's paintings and the Sichuan Han Dynasty portrait bricks and pottery. Dafeng Hall contains many of Zhang Daqian works, especially the Dunhuang murals.
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  • No.10
    1617 Review
    "Not only changing faces, there are many programs, rubber band rolling lights, shaking bamboo, hand shadow drama, tea performance, and will come down to buy tea for customers, interactive is very good. The face change is very exciting, the master who appeared on the scene finally changed from face to face, too amazing ~"
    Chengdu.Wenshu Monastery/Longhu Shangcheng Sky Street
    >100km from Shuifu
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Shuifu?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Shuifu include:Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Chengdu Museum, Chongqing Zoo, Dujiangyan China Giant Panda Garden (formerly known as Panda Paradise), Chengdu Polar Ocean Park
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Shuifu?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Shuifu include:Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding:4.6, Chengdu Museum:4.8, Chongqing Zoo:4.7, Dujiangyan China Giant Panda Garden (formerly known as Panda Paradise):4.6, Chengdu Polar Ocean Park:4.8
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Shuifu located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Shuifu are mainly located in:Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding:Chengdu, Chengdu Museum:Chengdu, Chongqing Zoo:Chongqing, Dujiangyan China Giant Panda Garden (formerly known as Panda Paradise):Dujiangyan, Chengdu Polar Ocean Park:Chengdu