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Trip.Best Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Yantai [2024]

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Yantai. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jun 2024
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    "The aquarium is really a particularly interesting aquarium. In the park, you can see a variety of Kaiya's north-south auspicious animals, and the variety of animals is also a variety, including sea lions, walruses, seals and so on. The staff in the park are also very responsible. I personally think this aquarium is great and will come back to play in the future."
    Qingdao.Qingdao International Convention Center/Shilaoren Scenic Area
    >100km from Yantai
    Highlights: Bringing together rare marine life from the deep sea, the Antarctic, and the Arctic
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    "Did not catch up with the holidays, but catch up with the students' spring tour, I hope to see the comments of friends optimistic about the date. Overall, the price is OK, watching the dolphin show, and there are performances like a circus. There are not too many people in each museum."
    Dalian.Laohutan Ocean Park
    >100km from Yantai
    Highlights: A seaside destination that showcases a captivating world of ocean animals and birds
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    "There are more one-way roads in Qingdao city, and we took a taxi. It is more labor-saving to visit the underwater world, because there is a magic carpet (elevator), and it is especially labor-saving to bring children. I like the devil fish the most, and suddenly spit sand, funny. There are also many marine animal specimens, a good place for children to learn about the ocean"
    Qingdao.Eight Great Passes/No.1 Bathing Beach
    >100km from Yantai
    Highlights: Qingdao Underwater World is located in the Shinan District of Qingdao. At the attraction you get to see a variety of living marine animals and biological specimens. You can also walk through a transparent underwater tunnel and enjoy wonderful underwater performances such as “Human and Shark Dance”, which is popular among families and children.
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    "There are suggestions for young children to drive in, follow the mode of going to the parking lot p2 and walking back to p1 first, adults and children are not hard, the overall tour is easy and pleasant, do not miss the magic carpet of feeding seagulls and ocean areas."
    Rongcheng.Shendiao Wild Animal Nature Reserve/Chengshantou
    >100km from Yantai
    Highlights: Shendiao Wild Animal Nature Reserve is located in the west of Weihai City, about 50 kilometers from downtown. It is a unique wildlife park on the coast. There are more than 300 kinds of animals in the reserve, with a total number of 4,000, among which are many rare species. Most of them are kept free-range or semi-free range. You can observe animals in the beautiful surroundings near the sea, watch animal performances, and take photos with animals such as black bears and monkeys.
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    "The day I went there was just in time for the June 1 Children's Day. There were too many people. The park was built in the mountains. The scenery was good. I saw the animals and the scenery. There were several elevators in the middle, which saved physical strength. It was too hot that day, and it caught up with noon, and the enthusiasm of the animals was not as high as the tourists, and they were listless or lying down or lying down."
    Dalian.Fujiazhuang Beach
    >100km from Yantai
    Highlights: Dalian Forest Zoo is located in the Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area in the southern part of the city, surrounded by both the mountains and the sea. Inside the zoo are various birds, reptiles, carnivores, and herbivores; visitors can also come into close contact with gentle animals such as alpacas. In addition, the park's fun-filled performances are popular with tourists, including bird shows, Asian elephant performances, seal performances, black bear boxing, and chimpanzee humor shows. There are also tropical rainforest exhibits in the zoo area, where visitors can see more than 100 kinds of tropical rainforest plants, in addition to the rainforest itself, desert landscapes, and tropical fruits.
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    "Experienced the most thunderous chariot in Asia, vertical roller coaster, thrilling, Altman theme hall is good, there are theaters and theme restaurants, children are very satisfied, the night view is very beautiful"
    Dalian.Jinshitan National Holiday Resort
    >100km from Yantai
    Highlights: Dalian Haichang Discovery Kingdom Theme Park was invested and built by Haichang Ocean Park Holdings Co., Ltd., a theme park operator listed in Hong Kong, and planned and designed by RPVA of the United States.The park covers an area of ​​470,000 square meters, is adjacent to the Golden Coast, and is close to the Discovery Kingdom Resort Hotel. It is known as the "Adventure Park by the Sea". Amusement facilities, global performances and colorful four-season celebration theme activities integrate "food, accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment" and deeply attract Chinese and foreign tourists.Discovery Kingdom has three roller coasters, including the catapult roller coaster "Crazy Cobra", the suspended roller coaster "Heaven and Earth Love" and the tower-type vertical roller coaster "Thunder Chariot". In addition, it has more than 40 amusement facilities such as Space Shuttle, Desert Storm, Amazon Adventure, Water Crash, Water Carousel, etc., which are enough to bring tourists a different heart-pounding experience.In the 7,000-square-meter indoor parent-child interactive play area "Cool Mini World", more than 20 parent-child amusement equipment allow children and family members to experience magical fun together.Discovery Kingdom has a performing team composed of hundreds of foreign actors, who present more than 40 splendid global performances every day, including the float parade, the romantic and beautiful fairytale wedding parade, the summer water parade, the bubble war and the crazy theater "Survivor Game" reality show created by the American Hollywood team with a million dollars, taking you to enjoy the exotic wonders.During the night show, the large-scale situational stage play "Carnival Night at Sea" on the water stage, the luminous float parade "Starlight Encounter", and the fireworks display "Dream Fireworks Show" will instantly bring you into a fantasy world of light and shadow, and let go of the joy of the whole day in the sky full of bright fireworks! In 2023, the Ultraman theme entertainment area and One Piece Legend Castle, which cooperated with two major international IPs, opened one after another. The Ultraman theme entertainment area has the tallest Ultraman Tiga sculpture in the north, with rich formats, multiple attributes, and innovative interactive gameplay that is very attractive. The One Piece Legend Castle is custom-designed with One Piece IP theme elements, bringing together a variety of interactive formats such as Dining, shopping, and entertainment, bringing tourists an immersive One Piece theme experience full of surprises.The different theme areas in the park colorfully present different regional cultures, and the unique joyous celebrations are refreshing: the park opens with new decorations in spring, the land and water park, DTM electronic music festival, and romantic night festival in summer, and the happy Halloween season in autumn. The unique landscape changes and novel and interesting activities in each season will bring different surprises to tourists.Crazy Town AreaOn the right hand side of the entrance is the "Crazy Town" theme area, which has many recreational facilities. The FEC Cool Mini World, which opened in 2017, is an exclusive play area tailored for children. Not only does it have more than 30 parent-child interactive equipment, but you can also learn various social skills and experience AR and VR technology.The 360-degree aerial rotation "Turning Rivers and Seas" and three consecutive 720-degree rotations reverse the gravity and give you a thrilling vertical flip experience. In addition, the area also has a variety of performances such as the live reality show of American Hollywood blockbusters performed in the Crazy Theater, the large-scale song and dance show "Caribbean Carnival" performed on the water stage, and cartoons that are very popular with children.Mysterious desert areaThe "Mysterious Desert" theme area is an exotic Islamic style, with roller coasters and pirate ships that children love. The Desert Storm takes you to a height of 42 meters to experience the thrill of the world spinning around. You can also drive a go-kart through the desert no-man's land in the Sahara Crossing. In addition, there are Middle Eastern-style Arabic belly dance performances. During the night show, there are also large-scale fireworks shows.Metal factory areaNext to the "Mysterious Desert" is the "Metal Factory" theme area. The catapult-type roller coaster "Crazy Cobra" can reach 100km/h in 3 seconds, and it can quickly turn around and reverse, allowing you to experience the feeling of weightlessness, which is extremely thrilling. In addition, there is also a space shuttle where you can experience free fall, and the crazy centrifugal force will make you scream wildly.Magic Forest AreaIn the mysterious forest world, miracles can happen in the grass and under the roots of trees. Sacrifices, totems, tribes, and the rich Amazon rainforest will take you to the depths of the forest. The rafting project here allows you to sit in a kayak and experience the feeling of drifting on the Amazon River. In addition to rafting, there is also a large suspended roller coaster "Heaven and Earth Rotation" that allows you to experience the feeling of flipping over and over in 5 seconds. There is also an indigenous folk song and dance performance of "Indian Sun Festival".Legendary Castle AreaContinue forward to the "Legendary Castle" theme area, where a variety of buildings are the characteristics. The flying broom can rotate and rise and fall freely in the sky like a wizard, and experience the feeling of flying. There is also the "Zero Degree Space" haunted house that challenges your courage, and the dark and gloomy "indoor" roller coaster Flying Dragon in the Sky.Fairy Garden AreaA mysterious sanctuary of love, a romantic wedding hall, Victorian gardens shade the Royal Golden-domed Church, three-dimensional sculptures from the Renaissance form a circular corridor, and in this dreamy hall the romantic love story of the princess and the prince charming is played out!Wonderful performances not to be missedDiscovery Kingdom hosts more than 40 wonderful performances of all sizes every day, with an all-foreign cast, high-quality stage design, sound effects, and a team that presents high-quality performances in China. The cartoon parade "Cool Music Friends Meeting", the joyful parade "Kingdom Music Festival", the float parade "King's Celebration", the luminous parade "Caribbean Legends", and the water stage musical "The Little Mermaid" are all wonderful.
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    "Entering the park on Friday morning, there are not many people. There are performances in the four museums, Polar World and Sea World. Sea lion walrus and beluga dolphins. Children like it better and can interact with the audience. You can enter a quarter of an hour before the opening. The undersea tunnel has a mobile transmission belt, and it turns around to return to the entrance. Polar bear penguins are in the polar world. The inside is almost to the exit. The sheep feel the smell is very heavy."
    Dalian.Xinghai Square/Stasia Ocean World/Xinghai Park
    >100km from Yantai
    Highlights: Sun Asia Ocean World And Polar World is situated in Dalian's Xinghaiwan residential district. It's known for its wonderful ocean animal performances and its 118 meter long seafloor tunnel. Discover the world at the bottom of the ocean in the panoramic seafloor tunnel, and watch the amazing dolphin and elephant seal performances. There are many rare and unusual kinds of fish, coral, and polar animals in the aquariums. Ocean floor and polar conditions are recreated through high-tech installations. The Ocean Floor and Polar World Park really lives up to its name.
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    "The children in the playground like it very much. During May 1st, there were a lot of people and there were a lot of people in line! The float parade was very exciting, and the children couldn't look at it! When I finally left the park, there was a dance performance of Xiong Daxiong Er!"
    Qingdao.Fantawild Dreamland and Hongdao High-tech Zone
    >100km from Yantai
    Highlights: Qingdao Fantawild is located at Hongdao, Chengyang District of Qingdao city.This project focuses on building a high level cultural and technological theme park (Qingdao Fantawild Dreamland). Another component of this project is the development of a high-tech performance center which will lead tourism in northern part of Qingdao to a new direction and enrich the tourism market of Qingdao.
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    "very good! The sea beast performance and mermaid performance are full of sincerity, especially the underwater ballet performance is very colorful! There are other sea worlds, and even bird areas. Anyway, my child and I are very happy to see 😃"
    Rizhao.Wanpingkou Senic Area
    >100km from Yantai
    Highlights: Rizhao Ocean Park is located in the core area of seaside tourism in Rizhao City. It consists of Sunshine Oceanarium, Four Seasons Flower and Bird Garden, Bird Show, Waterfowl Paradise, Children's Paradise, AR Traveling Through Time and Space and other play contents, as well as ocean-themed light luxury resort hotels and ocean-themed characteristic commercial streets. Composition, the scenic spot constitutes a large-scale tourist resort complex integrating leisure, entertainment, sightseeing, accommodation, shopping and catering. Sunshine Aquarium displays more than 300 kinds of marine life, basically covering the display content of traditional domestic aquariums. It is characterized by a novel biological display method, highlighting the theme of sunshine and open space design. In addition to the two subsea tunnels in the museum, in multiple innovative exhibition areas, the 720-degree visual experience makes visitors feel like they are under the sea. Four Seasons Flower and Bird Garden is an innovative natural eco-tourism experience project. In addition to more than a thousand kinds of flowers, it also displays dozens of rare birds, fish and cute pets. It is an all-inclusive, harmonious and compatible environment between man and nature. A poetic garden. The outdoor bird theater has outdoor performances of parrots, toucans and birds of prey, which are rare in China, bringing visitors an interesting and exciting viewing and interactive experience. More than a dozen rare waterfowl and lovely ring-tailed lemurs are raised in the waterfowl world, and tourists can enter and have close contact with them. Traveling through the time and space zone in AR, through advanced augmented reality technology, it will lead tourists into the magnificent history of sunshine in myths and legends, explore the mysterious seabed and ice and snow world, and explore the micro world from the perspective of ants, which is thrilling and exciting. In addition to regular exhibitions, Rizhao Ocean Park will also display performances such as dolphins, sea lions, human sharks dancing together, parrots flying in groups, birds of prey, etc., and through the zero-distance interaction between various animals and tourists, it will become a large-scale cute pet paradise in China.
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  • No.10
    1927 Review
    "There are many types of marine animals and the pattern is reasonable. There are many small animals such as turtles and seals that can be fed. The sea lion beluga dolphin performance during the period is also very interesting. It is really good. It is worth a visit to the underwater world!"
    Weihai.Weihai Railway Station/Hanlefang
    59.6km from Yantai
    Highlights: Weihai Shenyou Ocean World is a Shenyou Ocean Culture Museum project built by Huaxia Group with an investment of 500 million yuan on the north side of Huaxia City Attraction. It blends with the natural beauty of the mountains and rivers to form a wonder of sea in the mountains. The main building area is 23,000 square meters, including four parts: the disappeared rainforest area, the marine culture experience area, the polar scenery area, and the marine animal performance area. There are a large number of special rare fish, as well as endangered animals such as beluga whales. At the same time, it restores the beauty and splendor of China's coral reef ecosystems, so that tourists can deepen their understanding of marine geography and biology while touring.Weihai Shenyou Ocean World will add a number of interactive and interesting projects, making full use of high-tech means such as sound, light, electricity, and mechanical lifting and rotation to create a virtual and real ocean environment, and truly reproduce the mysterious tropical rainforest flooded by floods in front of tourists. The dynamic flight theater allows tourists to experience the magical ocean culture in a super exciting experience, completely subverting the traditional single exhibition model of the ocean world. In addition, although the polar scenery area displays polar animals and the environmental temperature of the animals is very low, tourists will not feel cold when visiting the polar area. Visitors can watch animals through fully enclosed exhibition windows, so they do not need to wear thick cotton clothes.Weihai Shenyou Ocean World has not only great beluga whales from Russia, fur sea lions from Uruguay, bottlenose dolphins from Japan, white-browed penguins from Antarctica, northern fur seals from the Bering Strait, and spotted seals from the Bohai Bay, but also thousands of rare marine fishes, which are displayed from all angles in a fully transparent central pool. Visitors can watch unique performances such as people and sharks dancing together and thousands of fish competing for food up close, making people feel as if they are in a real underwater world.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Yantai?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Yantai include:Qingdao Polar Ocean Park, Tiger Beach Ocean Park, Qingdao Underwater World, Shendiao Wild Animal Nature Reserve, Dalian Forest Zoo
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Yantai?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Yantai include:Qingdao Polar Ocean Park:4.5, Tiger Beach Ocean Park:4.5, Qingdao Underwater World:4.5, Shendiao Wild Animal Nature Reserve:4.6, Dalian Forest Zoo:4.6
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Yantai located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Yantai are mainly located in:Qingdao Polar Ocean Park:Qingdao, Tiger Beach Ocean Park:Dalian, Qingdao Underwater World:Qingdao, Shendiao Wild Animal Nature Reserve:Rongcheng, Dalian Forest Zoo:Dalian