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Valley of Five LakesNearby City

Valley of Five Lakes

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Ranked #12 in Jasper Can't Miss Attractions
9.2km from Jasper National Park, Jasper
"Valley of Five Lakes, five brilliant gems for you we came to Jasper National Park this time, so it was a must for the Valley of Five Lakes, and really worth the trip, a walking tour here, really a double enjoyment! Valley of Five Lakes, as its name suggests, is a crisscrossed valley of five lakes, along a forest path that can be connected in a circle. The lake is surrounded by green trees, which can also see snowy mountains in the distance. What impressed us most is the color of the lake, like the expensive and transparent jade, from light green to dark green, reflecting the blue sky, from dark green to light blue, is the perfect painting of nature! Unforgettable experience at the entrance was warned that there would be black bears and be sure to walk with them, which made us nervous for a long time, but we were quiet on the road, didn't see any big wildlife, was relieved for some reason, and a little lost. Tips because it is a loop, you can choose to visit clockwise or anti-clockwise. The first thing you see is the largest lake, which is recommended. Ten thousand! Ten thousand must bring good mosquito repellent spray! There are many mosquitoes here! Around the lake, about 2-3 hours, the road is not difficult, very relaxed journey. You can choose a good time period of sunshine, you can take pictures of the beautiful color of the lake. Pick up your camera and take this five beautiful gems home!"