Jasper National Park
Canadian Rockies
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浪子ppb浪子ppbThe road from Banff National Park to Jasper National Park will pass through the Columbia Icefield. Recently, I have been buying tickets online in advance, and I can choose the time I think is right to visit, or I can only wait at the scene.
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弯妹熊猫弯妹熊猫1 A chance to see a wide variety of animals from Banff's Jasper. The scenery was breathtaking! 2 You can visit the ancient Colombian Glacier Age formed 3Jasper Town Tour to eat local food 4 Jasper Rafting Summer Must try 5 accommodations to choose a wooden house or enter Jasper National Park camping. Need to book in advance!
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西溪老翁西溪老翁Maligne Lake The largest natural lake in Jasper National Park is 22 kilometers long, 1 kilometers wide, and 96 meters deep. There are cruise ships and water entertainment projects in the park, and there are many hiking routes around the lake. It is a very enjoyable thing to take a yacht in Lake Maligne. The cruise is traveling in the picturesque lakes and mountains. The lake is surrounded by rolling snow-capped mountains. The lake is calm and open. The water color is blue, green, blue and green, and the sky is white clouds. And snow peaks are set against the deep blue sky. The cruise is on a lake island, Spirit Island. You can visit the island for a short stay. This is a small island out of the water in the center of the lake. It is said to be the most beautiful place in Maling Lake. It was also bad luck. When we visited Maling Lake, it was cloudy and windy. At first, the boat had stopped sailing. Later, it was said that sailing in the afternoon, but the scenery and interest were greatly reduced by taking a cruise in the wind and cloudy days.
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cparisshcparisshThe Marin Canyon is near the Maling Lake, but it takes about 20 minutes to drive. The canyon is really shocking. The canyon extends very deep to the center of the earth. There are waterfalls and the water volume is also very large.
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hahayahahayaThe 4,000-dollar Mercedes-Benz tire is the biggest highlight. The glacier itself is not amazing, but the boundary monument of the glacier receding is quite shocking. It is good for awakening people's environmental awareness. Opposite the visitor center, the restaurants are not tasty, but the beautiful scenery can make up for it
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浪子ppb浪子ppbI missed the Asa Basca Falls in the afternoon the previous day to go to Marlene Lake and took a detour the next day. The light was not very good when I went in the morning, but the scenery was ok. Not too many tourists, if the water was a little bigger.

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Overlander Mountain LodgeJasper National Park,Canada

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Cavell Meadows TrailJasper National Park,Canada

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Spirit IslandJasper National Park,Canada

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The Jasper PlanetariumJasper National Park,Canada

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Patricia LakeJasper National Park,Canada

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Jasper Pizza PlaceJasper National Park,Canada

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Jasper National Park Weather

8 Dec, 2021
9 Dec, 2021
Mostly Cloudy
Mostly Cloudy
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13 Dec, 2021
Intermittent Clouds
Intermittent Clouds
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Jasper National Park
8 Dec, 2021 Jasper National Park Weather: Showers| Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph| Humidity: 80%| Sunrise/Sunset: 08:50/16:37
Jasper National Park Driving: Suitable| Running: Not Recommended| Cycling: Not Recommended

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