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fa hai dong

fa hai dong

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Open from 8:00am-4:30pm (Local time)
"Fahaidong, also known as the Tonggongdong, is located on the cliff on the west side of the Jishou Tower, where the monks of the Kaishan Mountain, the founder of the Jinshan Temple, lived when they came to the Jinshan Mountain. There is a statue of the Fahai in the cave, the hole cross-front "Ancient Fahai Cave." In the mythical story "The White Snake", Fahai is a bad monk who prevents the young men and women from marrying well, but historically he is a moral high priest. Fahai surnamed Guo, people called Veda head, Hedong smells good. His father, Guo Xiu, was the prime minister of emperor Xuanzong in the Tang Dynasty, and felt that "the companions of the emperor are like companions of the tiger". Once he offended the emperor, he had no good end. He believed in Buddhism, and believed that wealth and honor were not as good as being a monk, so he decided to send his son as a monk. Veda head to Jiangxi Lushan, named Fahai, he learned the Taoshan, and devoted himself to training. Later to Zhenjiang Jinshan, when temples and twigs, and snakes were damaged. He found the northwestern corner of the mountain of this cave, living in the cave to meditate, the white cranes avoided. After the Fahai came to the Jinshan Mountain, the greatest wish is to repair the Jinshan Temple, he had a point to vote heart. One day, monks dredged thorns, to the riverside digging earth, accidentally dig out a number of gold porridge (one porridge for twenty two), on the report of the Runzhou sashimi Liqi, Liqi and Xuanzong emperor, Xuanzong ordered him to use gold for the restoration of temples in Fahai, and gave the name of Jinshan and Jinshan Temple."