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Featured Neighborhood
翱翔的大鲨鱼We came to the ancient city of Akko (AkKO) in Israel. She has a history of 5000 years. Acre, the old ancient city of Acre., has experienced the occupation of ancient Rome, Islam, Crusaders, Napoleon, Ottoman Turkey, and British troops. It is an important strategic place in the world. 
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仟02The locals like to visit a beach where they swim and camp. Here is more than ten minutes' drive from Haifa to the ancient city of Acre, with convenient transportation, beautiful beach scenery and facing the vast Mediterranean.
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Historical Site
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Geological Sites
渭南松赞干布At Roshhaniola, on the border between Israel and Lebanon, a tourist attraction known as a pigeon cave on the cliffs of the Mediterranean coast near it. It is a cave under a white giant stone, with seawater connected to the outside, similar to the blue cave in Malta. The attraction is not big, the day we went to catch up with the attraction caves are not open, only the rock photo can be taken near the vistas.
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Geological Sites
猫之茶Roshhanikara, on the border between northern Israel and Lebanon, faces the Mediterranean Sea, where a cave called the Blue Cave is the result of the long-lasting geological and physical processes, and where white rocks, under constant impact from the sea, slowly form tunnels and caves. From the hole in the rock, it is the blue Mediterranean, like a big blue eye. It was very difficult to see the blue caves, but now with the cable car, which drops at a steep angle of 60 degrees to about 70 meters from the sea level, you can go down the tunnels in the rocks into the blue caves, look out into the Mediterranean Sea, listen to the waves pounding the caves, Beautiful and magnificent. Walking around the Blue Hole, the exit is next to the site of the railway built here in Britain during World War II, during the British escrow of Israel, the outbreak of World War II, the need for a link between the Middle East and Europe, with the help of thousands of workers, "Britain built a railway line between Haifa, Beirut and Lebanon, two tunnels of about 200 metres across the cliffs here, which provided much-needed military supplies to the British during World War II to prevent the entry of Lebanese weapons and soldiers," In the first Middle East war in 1948, Jewish militants Parmachi, who tore down the railway bridge in Rushhanipala to stop the Lebanese army from entering Palestine, no longer have any railways. Take the cable car back to the top of the rocks, where Israel and Lebanon meet, and the younger Israeli brother is very enthusiastic to take a picture with us.
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Hammam al-BashaAkko,Israel

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Okashi Art MuseumAkko,Israel

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Akko Old TownAkko,Israel

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Hall of the Crusader KnightsAkko,Israel

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Ethnographic Museum Treasures in the WallsAkko,Israel

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Monkey Forest YodfatAkko,Israel

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28 Oct, 2021 Akko Weather: Partly Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 45%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:53/17:52
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