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Things To Do in Biei-cho

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Flower Fields
一只开不了口的喵Biei Four Seasons Hill, Hokkaido||This is a must-see spot in Biei. What is your impression of Hokkaido’s flower fields? Come to Four Seasons Color Hill, here is the best answer 💐When I first saw the four seasons color hill flower field, the huge flower field was connected and very magnificent. At that time, there was that kind of strong idea. I wanted to live in a farmhouse by the flower field. How could it be enough to stop for a while with the beautiful scenery on such a good day? On the rolling hills, the colorful carpets that are spliced and planted with these slopes, from top to bottom or bottom to top, create a visual hierarchy created by the height difference. The sky is high and the clouds are light and the distant mountains behind form a superb view. , There are really amazing views from different angles, how can it be so beautiful here! Just here, a group of us walked all morning, walking and shooting, tired of walking, tired of walking, buying an ice cream, buying sweet corn with boiled water, and continuing to sit and admire it slowly. Someone said that for an hour You can finish shopping, I think it’s a clock-in, I like to savor every bit of the journey.
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lia***09The Qingchi Scenic Area is open for free. There is a pond with blue water on the surface and surrounded by forests. Many tourists call this "Little Jiuzhaigou" in Japan. Blue Pond was once photographed by a photographer from National Geographic. The work was purchased by Apple and became one of the default desktops of the MAC operating system. It is said that the pool water here contains a lot of aluminum due to volcanic eruption. Due to the scattering of light, the stronger the sun, the more dazzling the blue. The water area of the Blue Pond is not large. It only takes 30 minutes to walk from start to end and play while walking, but the scenery is more exquisite. The blue lake, the green forest, and the distinctive feature is that the pine trunks grow in the water.
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Observation Deck
快乐时光In late autumn, we drove early in the morning from the Sounkyo "Black Mountain Cable Car" scenic spot on the side of Daisetsuzan National Park in Hokkaido, Japan! In the afternoon, I ran to the other side of Daisetsuzan National Park. After watching the evening, the weather was not so good. Tokachidake looked at Mount Tokachi, not reconciled! Then, at the foot of Wangyue Mountain, I recently stayed in Baijin Hot Spring Town for one night. The next morning, I climbed up to Wangyue Mountain again and saw the very satisfying scenery of Shitenglian Mountain!
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Art Museum
夜樱1206Takujinkan seems to be an art gallery, I don’t remember it after going for too long! The scenery nearby is really beautiful. If you are interested, you can go and see for yourself. It seems that I went inside to look at the paintings, and I had to take off my shoes.
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Modern Architecture
马里亚纳的鱼It is popular as a tourist attraction for the beautiful horse and cattle elementary school in Japan after the famous landscape photographer Shinzo Maeda photographed it. It is worth mentioning that the primary school is located on the side of the national road, there is no safety fence between the national road and the school, but you still think it is fun for children to learn to play here.
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一帆杰作Before I came, I thought it was a popular attraction. I don’t know what it feels like to see the Shirahige Falls in summer, but the Shirahige Falls in winter has its unique flavor and blue ice can be seen. Go to the other side through an iron bridge and have a tower to climb to a high point, but when you reach the high point, you can't see anything and it is a platform, and you can't get up without any physical strength. It is not recommended to walk up near the iron bridge to see the appearance of the waterfall.

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Kanno FarmBiei-cho,Japan

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Ken & Mary TreeBiei-cho,Japan

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Shirahige FallsBiei-cho,Japan

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White Birch StreetBiei-cho,Japan

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