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Nature Reserve
雪儿This time, Shandong, the most wanted to see is the intersection of the Haihe River, watching the Yellow River water that day, how to run to the sea no return; Unfortunately, the weather is not good, not to sail, Fortunately, there are big cranes flying, the red-crowned cranes wings, can also enjoy the wide wetland scenery.
367 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
雪儿Guangrao County, Sun Wuhu, Sun Tzu Cultural Park displays Sun Wu and Sun Tzu culture everywhere. The weapons are many in the weapons museum, its Chinese treasure weapons: Yue Wang goujian sword, Wu Wangfu sword, etc., walking in the exhibition hall, through the history of weapons development, harvested more. There are 13 bridges in the garden, and the 13 part of "Sun Tzu Hyoho" corresponds to the topography bridge, the military bridge, the kuhata bridge, the military battle bridge, the imasa bridge, the military bridge, the military bridge, the attack bridge, the operation bridge, the shikibashi bridge, the use bridge, the fire bridge, and the kujibashi bridge. In particular, the sightseeing car of the scenic spot is not humane enough. These places are not stoping. The garden is too big to be improved. Tickets: 120 yuan, free for people over 60 years old. Parking is convenient and the fee is very low.
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白灵Swan Lake is long gone. It was a few years ago. I took my cousin there. There are swans, the ancient iron tower in the scenic spot, and a temple. But it is under construction. I thought it could be better, but I went At that time, it was already desolate to decadence. The road was so desolate, and tickets were still collected. Isn't it cheap? ! ? ! After entering, there is no way to walk. There is not a single swan. The building inside can be used for filming movies of the 70s and 80s. The leaves are all over the ground. Alas, you will be scared to death by yourself in the evening.
53 Reviews
137***89There are only 25 tickets for the zoo. The merchants actually bundled two unrelated parks and sold them to 43. This is fraud. Don't fall for everyone. The zoo has only 25 tickets.
174 Reviews
City Park
哆啦A梦之岛Qingfeng Lake Park is a large city park in Shandong Province, mainly including fitness square, fishing garden, Yunfan Yueyue, Yuedai Bridge, Yulin Aiwan, music fountain, lake island, windmill square, Mingyue Mountain, Yulong Tucui and other attractions. Tickets are free. Open all day.
80 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
2017-云子1-1Really good, the environment is good, I went with my children, the children had fun, stay away from the city, no traffic jams, not many pools, the temperature is okay………………………………………… …

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Tianning TempleDongying,China

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Shengli Youtian Technology Exhibition CenterDongying,China

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Sun Tzu Cultural ParkDongying,China

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Dongying ZooDongying,China

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Blue Ocean Yuhua Shuiyunxuan Spa International Hot Spring ResortDongying,China

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Baiyun YuwenquanDongying,China

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Dongying Travel Tips

About Dongying

Dongying, located in the northeastern part of Shandong Province, is on the estuary of China's mother river, the Yellow River. Dongying is rich in petroleum resources, natural gas resources and marine resources. It has a long history and abundant products. Guangrao County in the south of the city is the hometown of the ancient military strategist Sunwu, also known as Sun Tzu. Shijia Village, in Niuzhuang Town, is the birthplace of Lu Opera. The Dongying History Museum has the earliest Chinese language translation of the Communist Manifesto.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Dongying
20 Oct, 2021 Dongying Weather: Overcast, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 83%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:17/17:23
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