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Things To Do in Dongying

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Nature Reserve
rh***pCome to Jinan to travel, just passing through the Yellow River Estuary eco-tourism area is not big, no tickets are required, of course, if you ask you may charge five yuan for the ticket to enter the park is not big, there is an ecology along the Yellow River. There is not enough stairs from a very steep stairs to find the Yellow River to see the scenery. It's still nice, and there are a lot of locals playing with sand.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
M42***54May 1 holiday with the baby Shandong small turn. Guangrao small town people outstanding, tree lined, the price is moderate. I bought the night tour ticket of Sunzi Cultural Park. Great value for money. Very suitable for bringing the baby. At the entrance at 7 p.m., there are antique costume shows that pass through time, there are children's acrobatics, turn hula hoop acrobatics, there are fountain embroidery, the most spectacular is 8:28 minutes of firework embroidery, in the words of your son, it is more enjoyable than the New Year. Thank you for the joy that Guangrao brought us.
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Hot Springs Resort
2017-云子1-1Really good, the environment is good, I went with my children, the children had fun, stay away from the city, no traffic jams, not many pools, the temperature is okay………………………………………… …
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白灵Swan Lake is long gone. It was a few years ago. I took my cousin there. There are swans, the ancient iron tower in the scenic spot, and a temple. But it is under construction. I thought it could be better, but I went At that time, it was already desolate to decadence. The road was so desolate, and tickets were still collected. Isn't it cheap? ! ? ! After entering, there is no way to walk. There is not a single swan. The building inside can be used for filming movies of the 70s and 80s. The leaves are all over the ground. Alas, you will be scared to death by yourself in the evening.
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City Park
哆啦A梦之岛Qingfeng Lake Park is a large city park in Shandong Province, mainly including fitness square, fishing garden, Yunfan Yueyue, Yuedai Bridge, Yulin Aiwan, music fountain, lake island, windmill square, Mingyue Mountain, Yulong Tucui and other attractions. Tickets are free. Open all day.
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City Park
M59***45Located in the forest park, the scenery is especially beautiful, walking in it, people are in a very good mood, very relaxed feeling. In the forest park, various facilities, many are free to play. . .