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13611302253Zhenbao Island is located on the Chinese side of the central line of the main channel of Wusuli River, with an area of 0.74 square kilometers and has always been Chinese territory. After the victory of the 1969 Self-Defense Retaliation War on Treasure Island, a huge stone was erected on the island, engraved with the words "first in a hundred years" on the front. . . Although it was a minor battle, it had more historical significance and far-reaching influence than any war since the founding of the country. . . At this time I think of Chairman Mao's poem: "Who has ever commented on the merciful deeds of the thousand and one thousand?"
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首席监理The Wusuli River is the starting point of Hutou Town, China's Songacha River and Russia's Eman River in Hutou after the convergence of the Wusuli River, 905 km long, the watershed area of nearly 190,000 square kilometers, along the river and down to enjoy both sides of the beautiful scenery and exotic scenery. The first tower of the Wusuli River is an iconic building. The tower is 55 meters high and offers panoramic views of the town of Hutou and a telescope view of the human landscape across the Russian coast. "The first tiger in the world", the male Wusuli River, 25 meters long, 16 meters high, 30.4 tons, 200 square meters, all of the use of copper plate forged and welding, has been loaded in Shanghai "Large World Kenis Records Daquan" series, is a large human landscape and landmark building in the tourist attraction of Hutou.
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山在穷游There are many descriptions about the Wusuli River National Forest Park. In fact, for the Wusuli River, more are not forests, more are wetlands on the river. Accompanied by the field is day by day travel expenses, one after another cruise ships walking on the Ussuri River. I was also very fortunate to see the beautiful scenery of the Ussuri River in this beautiful season.
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Nature Reserve
我不是李亚鹏Yueya Lake Scenic Area is located in the northeast of Hulin City, Heilongjiang Province, 18 kilometers away from Hutou Town, and is a national A-level scenic spot. In September 1987, it was officially approved as a grassland nature reserve by the state. In order to create tourist boutiques and improve the quality of the scenic spots, Hulin City has invested 15 million yuan in the construction of two European-style villas, water sightseeing platforms, wooden trestle bridges, fishing platforms, Bihe Pavilion and other infrastructures in the Crescent Lake scenic area since 2011. , It has purchased tourist-participating entertainment facilities such as painting boats, bamboo rafts, battery boats, water bicycles, and rocking boats. It has become a wonderful place for tourists to enjoy the lotus, spend the summer, watch birds, and fish.
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Water Park
魂殇丽江Moon Island Russian Style Water Park has fresh air and pleasant natural scenery. It has the largest outdoor camping base in Northeast China. At the same time, the wave pool in the park is also the largest wave pool in Heilongjiang Province. It has the most advanced water treatment equipment in China. The only place in the country to experience water scenery with a Russian style.
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龙翔枫岳I have been to, it is quite big, copper, if you want to take a picture with the tiger to take a picture of the tiger, you will look small, mobile phone photos, then smaller

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