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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
D29***65This spot is one of the UNESCO Heritage places, however to enjoy its beauty you’d need to visit it on a sunny day. Unlikely, it was raining heavily and was foggy when I was there. Despite that, I enjoyed the trip and the place itself, besides it was fo free if you walk around. (you’d only pay for the entrance if you want to go up to the extinct volcano crater). Landscape was amazing and loked kind of alien. Eventually, I found this spot beautiful in any weather conditions.
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_We***36I love this place so much. The scenery is just breathtaking. I feel so exhausted climbing but it' worth it. The trails have different levels of difficulty. it is so challenging. One of the most amazing place you shouldn't miss in Jeju.
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一瓶XOJeju is almost a route around the island. There will be Oulai trails, which are similar to walking trails. You don’t need to find Oulai trails. When you visit a certain scenic spot in Jeju, you may have already embarked on Oulai trails. , I was walking from the park to the station when I was going to the columnar joint belt. After passing by, I realized that it was an occasional visit. There will be sporadic small buildings in the road, adding some highlights to the ordinary path. Moving forward, there will be many surprises.
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yjw2000Yakusen Ji Temple is the largest temple in Jeju, and it is the largest temple in Asia. Yaksen Ji Temple is a temple built in the early Buddhist style in Korea, and the height is 30m (equivalent to the building of 10 floors), the total area is 3, 305m 2, and the large bright hall and the 3 floor saigu are located. The front of the Buddha Hall, the 5-meter-high Buddha Pilujana Buddha is placed on a 4-meter-high platform, with two huge cane flowers carved in both sides, and two golden dragons carved from the bottom up on the separate pillars of the Buddha statue, engraving the image of the God of the Dragons as lifelike. The largest scale in Asia is the Buddhist temple alone. The bell tower opposite the Grand Palace has 18 tons of Buddha bells. This place is not only where Buddhist disciples come to the Buddha, but also where visitors to Jeju come to make wishes.
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何游天下The dragon coast is different from the dragon coast. The dragon coast is located at the southwest end of Jeju Island, Korea. Ande Mian Shanfang Road 218-10, Xiguipu City. Near Jeju Island Ocean Park. The dragon coast is like a dragon head, named after the deep sea. This section of the coast is strangely shaped, is some layered sandy shore stones. There are thin soft black sand beach nearby.
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Botanical Garden
E24***37Instagrammers will love Camellia Hill at Seogwipo-shi. A garden full of seasonal blossoms, you can come in winter to view the popular Camellia flowers and do a spot of tangerine picking on site, too. Various nooks and corners have been set up for visitors to take that perfect shot. There are also traditional games and ponyrides for kids -- it's a perfect family-day outing!

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