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慢雨Xiachuan Island Wangfuzhou tourist area is very good, although the area developed here is not big, but there are 3 tour routes, there are many maritime and land tour projects, young people come here to enjoy romance and travel pleasure. The island has complete tourist facilities, convenient food and accommodation, and convenient transportation. Especially the climate is comparable to Hawaii, is a good place for vacation and leisure. Xiachuan Island is located in Jiangmen, Shandong Port has many passenger boats every day, tickets can buy the Xiachuan Island package or can be purchased separately.
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City Park
M47***41The second time, each time there is a new experience. The most famous Qin may be the wedding photography base, but compared with the artificial landscape, I love the island around the plank and the various strange stones along the way, really have to admire nature's ghost axe magic! Then you will understand why it is called "geopark". Standing at the top of the table is such a wonderful experience, the large flat top, the sea breeze, blowing your hair and clothes, but the drizzle does not feel a little cold, but produced a "sitting in the world" happy!
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Hot Springs Resort
噼里啪啦The place that ran - Gudou Hot Spring Resort Xinhui Gudou Hot Spring Resort is located in the southwest of Xinhui City Gudou Mountain, tourism resources concentrated in the mountains, springs, lakes, sea, unique. The resort has a hot spring valley, happy water world and complete leisure and recreation facilities, providing a variety of services, including: happy water world, beach volleyball, tennis, basketball, fishing, BBQ, bicycles, chess and so on, is a collection of natural scenery, history and culture, A resort with entertainment, fitness activities and business meetings.
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希望旅游Shangchuan Island is very close to the mainland, it takes about 30 minutes by boat. There are agricultural fields and fish ponds in the island. The area is very large and the environment is very good. You can live for one night in the fishing village of the pier. You can fly to the beach for one night. Two kinds of experiences and two kinds of customs.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Historical Architecture
Ancient Settlement
MaxSIncredible! I can't express my feelings after visiting those areas. Briefly, the Guangdong rural area has such heritage as tall and slim buildings named Diaolou. But by Chinese immigrants returnees they reflect multi cultural influence in style mix. That's amazing. The atmosphere is awesome!
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Hot Springs Resort
咸成The local attractions are very popular and very in line with my travel needs. The photos taken are beautiful, one of the attractions that must not be missed, and will go again next time. It is the price feels slightly expensive.

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Wanda BaobeiwangJiangmen,China

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Kuibo GardenJiangmen,China

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Xiangjiabao Dream Flower WorldJiangmen,China

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Chuandao Tourist ResortJiangmen,China

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Xiangjiang Hot SpringsJiangmen,China

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About Jiangmen

Jiangmen is a large city in Guangdong famous for being a hometown of many overseas Chinese. The "Kaiping diaolou" defensive watchtowers scattered about the countryside have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site From the wide open rice fields to the densely packed forests of bamboo, there are many different styles of watchtower and each tower has a moving story. The movie "Let the Bullets Fly" has numerous scenes that were filmed here in Jiangmen.

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17 Oct, 2021 Jiangmen Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 57%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:25/18:01
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