Koh Chang
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Things To Do in Koh Chang

158 Reviews
E35***60might be the most touristic, but still the most beautiful beach on the island! enjoy a beer while your feet are buried in Snow White sand! :-)
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136***27Bangbao Fishing Village is entered by a small road next to the main road. It is not very conspicuous. It is more expensive, especially seafood. It is similar to the attractions of Pattaya in Bangkok. It is like Wangfujing in Beijing. It is specially prepared for tourists.
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超级cttThe observation deck not far from the Sea View Resort is suitable for watching the sunset. There is a small cafe here. Coffee is super cheap. It is also very convenient to park the motorcycles. The motorcycles are parked for free. Stop here to take pictures and have a cup of coffee for half an hour. But the weather is also very important. If the weather is good, you can see the sea in different layers of colors. It is a good viewing platform, located on the upper road next to the main road. There are plenty of parking spaces in the viewing platform, toilets and a small bar. You can also go up to the second floor to see more beautiful scenery
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E34***15Beautiful beach, so pretty. The only downside is the pebbles on the shoreline hurt your feet a little bit but once you are past them the water is shallow and warm.
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Laura Grace TarpleyThis beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island. Come here if you like a good party and don’t mind a crowded atmosphere. During the day, drink beer on the sand and receive amazing Thai massages. At night, nearby bars and clubs get pretty packed. Lonely Beach is the ideal location for a backpacker looking for a relaxing atmosphere and a good time.
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华-RainbowPattaya Southeast Asia has become a synonym for beach resort, property investment, tourism, retirement resort, and the reputation of "Oriental Hawaii".