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City | ​​landmark
夏吹夏夜风Traveling on the Sichuan-Tibet Line, the place to be is Litang, this is the southeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the county average altitude of more than 4,000 meters, than Tibet's Lhasa is higher, has the "world's highest city" title. This is a multi-ethnic place, in addition to the strong Tibetan folk customs, but also compatible with Mongolian, Hui, Naxi and other national cultures, here snow mountain, glacier, grassland, forest, has a magnificent, is a very worthwhile place to visit. Take the Sichuan-Tibet Line, usually from Chengdu, to the western Sichuan, from the western Sichuan into Tibet, then Chengdu to Litang County how many kilometers, how convenient to go? Litang is a county in the territory of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, in the southwest of Ganzi Prefecture, it is 654 kilometers away from Chengdu. It is from Chengdu to Litang. The main mode of transportation is to take a shuttle bus, to travel by car, or to choose to take a plane to Kangding Airport or Aden Airport. We can take the shuttle bus to Kangding and then to Litang. In the tourist distribution center of Chengdu Xinnan Gate, there will be a fixed shuttle bus to Kangding every day. The specific shift can be asked by the service hotline of the station in advance. However, there are more shuttle buses from Chengdu to Kangding. It is no problem to go to the scene and buy tickets. After going to Kangding, we will change the bus to Kangding to sugarcane. The number of trains will be less. Everyone should know the departure time first, so as not to miss the departure time. In addition, take the shuttle bus, the journey will be a bit around, the overall journey will exceed 800 kilometers, about 10 hours, Xiaobian suggested that everyone prepare chocolate, bread and other dry food in advance, so as not to eat when hungry. 2. Driving tour from Chengdu to Litang, best is self-driving tour, take the 318 National Road of the Sichuan-Tibet Line, along the landscape is picturesque, it is intoxicating. Chengdu to Litang, divided into the south and north lines. The total distance of the South Line is about 650 kilometers, starting from Chengdu, by Ma'an, Luding, Kangding, Xindu Bridge and Majiang, and finally Litang. This route is short, along the way we can see the light changeable charming new capital bridge, filled with Tibetan customs Kangding love song city and race horse mountain, the red army heroic Guoding bridge, and so on, also will pass Mugecuo, Erlang mountain and so on. The north line is a long journey, more than 800 kilometers, from Chengdu, through the low altitude areas such as Dujiangyan and Wolong, gradually into Xiaojin, Danba, Xindu Bridge and Majiang, and finally to Litang. There are many attractions in this line. We can enjoy the great water control project in Dujiangyan first, then see the wonderful scenery of Siguniang Mountain, then go to Danba Tibetan Village to experience the local traditional folk customs, play in Tagong Park, etc., and finally go to Litang. From Chengdu to Litang by car, there are many attractions worth visiting along the way. You must reserve enough time. Whether you go to the South or the North Line, it takes a week.
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binger10311. At the end of the Qianhu Tibetan Village, there is free parking lot on it. Unfortunately, when you go there, you can park your car on the side of the road and go along the road to the temple. It is very close. Then walk from the temple in Qianhu Tibetan Village, more than 1 km on the one side, or take a sightseeing bus. 2. Tibetan folk have the "There are three big temples in Lhasa, there are Andotal temples underneath, there are Litang Long Youth Ke'er Temple". The floating chanting, the holy white pagoda, the Mani pile of engraved scriptures reflect the golden and glorious temples. The lantern of the changming indestructible, illuminating the gilded bronze statue of sakyamuni, illuminating the beautiful frescoes around, and illuminating the believers' long-staying prayers. Visiting the temple, there is no sense of distance and mystery due to the quiet, seriousness of the famous temple of the high hall. In the chanting of the chanting, pray devoutly for the family's well-being and the journey.
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灼眼的夏娜酱Geyi scenic spot is near Dingzhen's hometown Xiazetong Village. This is really a beautiful scenery of the god village. From the village, you can see Geyi Shenshan, Kemeilong Shenshan, and you can also go to Geyi's eye Geyi's heart. Here is better than many paid scenic spots. Free travelers can find uncle Ding in front of the village's second floor in the morning to arrange for various attractions.
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夏吹夏夜风Because handsome Tibetan boy Ding really out of the circle, will be beautiful Sichuan sugar cane Litang county into the public view, after all Litang is what place, raised Ding really such handsome and wild Tibetan teenagers? Everything only into Litang to know. 5 days is not much more than just ~day1️Chengdu Yue folded more mountains Yue Xindu Bridge Road: 405 kilometers attractions: Luding Bridge, Xindu Bridge, folded more mountains from Chengdu self-driving tour in the first morning of the first day, overturning more mountains, to fold more mountains in the good weather, you can see a long way, And you should be careful that the mountain mouth is 4298m above sea level, so there will be some altitude reaction. Finally, you arrive at Xindu Bridge. You will live in Xindu Bridge on the first day. Day2️Xinduqiao Ngulitang County Ngulletong Ancient Town · Qianhu Tibetan Village Tourist Scenic Area: 195 kilometers away from the scenic spots: Litang, Tianlu 18 bend, Kazila Mountain, Nimagong Shenshan, the next day from Xinduqiao Town by car to Litang County, then go to Letong Ancient Town to visit Qianhu Tibetan Village Scenic Area, There are many places to park and play on this road, passing the famous Sichuan-Tibet Line attractions, Tianlu 18 bend, and Litang Mingshan, Kazila Mountain and Nima Gongga God Mountain. Day3️ Litang County Licopgou National Forest Park Litang County Road: 195 kilometers of attractions: Zhangde Grassland, Haizi Mountain, Sister Lake, Cuopgou. The third day of Haizi Valley and Pucuo Valley are great attractions, and very convenient, especially Haizishan Sister Lake is just next to the road, just enough to park for a while. Day4️ Litang County Xugeyu Shenshan Xuyajiang County Road: 340 kilometers of attractions: Xinhai Lake, Blacksmith Mountain Xukou, Geyu's Eye, Maoyu Grassland Sichuan-Tibet Line drive along the road, there is such a drop of tears on the surface of the earth, lying quietly on Geyu Shenshan, everyone calls it Geyu's Eye. It was a pond about a few dozen metres wide, but the grass was like a giant eye, clear and bright, and most amazingly, the eye of the glazed eye, the pond, grew a circle of water grass, just like a pupil, also made the eye look more beautiful. Everyone calls it the Eye of Heaven. Day5️ Yajiang County, Kangding, Chengdu Road: 145 kilometers away from attractions: Yuzi West Viewing Spot, Kangding Xindu Bridge New Little Spot - located at the top of Xindu Bridge Yuzi West Village, it is a 360 degree viewing platform, about 4100 meters above sea level, when the weather is good, you can see Yala Snow Mountain, Siguniang Mountain, Gongga Mountain, many people still do not know the new capital bridge near such a mysterious place. Starting from Xinduqiao Town, after many mountains down, to a small intersection of Xinduqiao Town, there is an inconspicuous sign that says Yuzi West. Follow that road, you can slowly climb the mountain to Yuzi West. Yuzi West will have many photographers who are interested in coming. Whether you look at the snowy mountains or swim in the snowy mountains, Take a photo with the punch card, fried chicken is worth it!
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Historical Architecture
binger1031If you are in a tight time, you can not go, the locals are the main, and it is not easy to park. You can park your car in the parking lot of Qianhu Tibetan Village, and then walk more than 700 meters to follow the navigation to walk. People are really religious and friendly, in order not to disturb others, they left after a quick look.
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灼眼的夏娜酱Shenshan is free, the county city will take a taxi to and back 100. The driver will wait. The mountain is not very high, there are many caves in the middle to climb, only for thin people. There is also a temple below, the scenery is beautiful. There are also many small squirrels

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