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12,706 Reviews
E31***64This place is very peaceful! The air is so clean! Bamboo sea took one whole day to see and there is also a hot springs nearby worth visiting on another day. The hike to the top is very intense but the view was worth it! you can see animals along the way but only the Pandas are treated well. The food in the area is not very good! Bring your own snacks! It is in a small town so brush up on your Chinese! The park does have English signs inside.
7,665 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
JCNmy colleagues and i had a great experience at the hotsprings. there are a variety of hot pool from, lavender, rose and wine, beer, bamboo, fish that eat dead skin, hydro massage bubbles type of thing. the staff are very friendly and helpful and keep the area tidy and clean at all times.. the hotel room we stayed in was big and equipped with everything and a balcony. in the mornings we could go down to the dining area for a full breakfast with 100s of different foods to choose. was truly a 5 star experience.
6,710 Reviews
JCNamazing views from the top. you can either walk or take a cable cart. also, bring cash as they don't accept other payment methods. there is so much beautiful scenery all around with various activities and pathways to see and explore.
5,324 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
ssdiabloHantian Banshan Hot Spring is located in Hantian Resort. Every time I go to Fuyang, I like to go to the bubble hot springs here. Personally recommend staying at Hantian Resort for one night and going to the mountain hot springs at night. This is the best way to vacation. There are very few people here at night, the environment is particularly comfortable, and the experience of Tianmu Lake Hot Spring is much stronger. The consumption of Hantian Resort and Banshan Hot Springs is relatively higher, but it is also possible to enjoy it occasionally.
1,071 Reviews
_we***91Massage is really OK, that independent soup spring is **, too **, not as good as the free spring outside, just an hour can not stay, in the ordinary tickets, playing a bubble is not bad, the inside food and drink is too expensive, not worth it! Compared with other scenic resorts expensive!
1,932 Reviews
Water Park
M44***76Very fun! The project inside is particularly exciting, the super typhoon is very burning, the water quality is very good and very clean, very rest assured! I started to play in the afternoon and played until the evening. The food and drink are all available. The various snacks are very delicious. Come next time 😃😃

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Wawushan Mountain AreaChangzhou,China

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Hydrangea IslandChangzhou,China

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Huaguoshan OrchardChangzhou,China

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Shisi GardenChangzhou,China

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Meijie Mountain Hot SpringChangzhou,China

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Liyang Travel Tips

About Liyang

Liyang (溧阳), in southwestern Changzhou (常州) City, has a long history, having been established as early as in the Qin era. Liyang has a wealth of tourist attractions, including several national wetland and forest parks and Tianmu (天目) Lake, nicknamed the “Pearl of the Southern Yangtze.” Within the Tianmu Lake Tourist Area is Nanshan (南山) Bamboo Forest, a popular place in the Yangtze River Delta region to “get close to nature and back to nature.” The New Fourth Army Jiangnan (江南) Headquarters Memorial Hall in Liyang's Shuixi (水西) Village serves as a base for education on Chinese history.

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Liyang Weather

20 Oct, 2021
Light Rain
9 ~ 12
21 Oct, 2021
8 / 16
22 Oct, 2021
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23 Oct, 2021
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24 Oct, 2021
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25 Oct, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Liyang
20 Oct, 2021 Liyang Weather: Light Rain, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 95%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:08/17:25
Liyang Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Very Low

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