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Things To Do in Mudanjiang

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sun***00Summer time punching card good place to go! Work day, people are also a lot of it! Navigate to the North Gate, it is closed, and then drive more than ten kilometers to the East Gate 🤣 *Paint the emphasis: Booking online must require an ID card. Why can't anyone enter when using the electronic code (also said that the North Gate can ___________________________________________________________________________ Speechless 😓 Little uncomfortable...) The scenic spot is too big. The diving performance of the announced Diaoshuilou Waterfall is 9 am and 2 pm. If you don't want to miss it, you can arrange a boat tour or a view of the waterfall first according to this time. You need to buy tickets separately for the drive in the middle.
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M37***22The scenery of Chaihe Xiaojiuzhai is very good, there are suspension bridges, mountain waterfalls, water curtain caves, clear river water, fresh air, and water parks especially like it. I hope you will visit it next time.
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_We***10When I went, the weather was hot, the tigers were not very mobile, but it was enough to satisfy the child's curiosity. The special highlight was the instructor Su Shi, who gave a careful explanation throughout the journey so that the journey in the hot weather did not feel a bit dry. The communication was that it was a volunteer for a university student. It is rare for a freshman to have such responsibility and professional love. You will have a bright future!
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M70***96Okay, but there are too few people, and the scenic spot is a bit deserted. Maybe it was the off-season when I went. The most interesting ones are Jiapigou Village and Mighty Hall. Jiapigou Village has a strong atmosphere of villagers, and the Eight Diamonds in Mighty Hall are very vivid.
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Forest OfficialStroll around this charming snow village, watch the sunrise from Yangcaoshan Hill or simply immerse yourself in this winter wonderland Can you guess how long winter lasts in here?
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-自由飞翔_Mudanjiang Underground Forest is a national nature reserve. The virgin forest belt formed by the volcanic crater made of lava is called the crater virgin forest by geologists. Located about 50 kilometers northwest of Jingpo Lake, it is located in a deep mountainous area one thousand meters above sea level in Zhangguangcai Mountain. Among the ten craters with steep inner walls and varying sizes, except for craters No. 1 to No. 3, the rest of the crater forests are connected to the gentle slope to form a sea of forests. It is quite rare that such dense forests grow in more than 800 volcanic craters in China. It is not only a great spectacle in Jingpo Lake Scenic Area, but also a research base for Chinese and foreign geographers, historians, and biologists. 【view】 【taste】 [Price ratio]