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Things To Do in Nagoya

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E33***36it’s a great theme park for kids! Kids love the rides and the queues were not long on weekdays.
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Ancient Settlement
Lindalynthis castle is so pretty!! I keep taking photo of it as I was so exiciting it’s worth going to have a good photo session. nice environment and science
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vivienvivienIt is one of the oldest and most important shrines in Japan, and it has a history of 1900 years, and it enjoys high prestige in Japan. The Daiden enshrines 5 gods, including the Buson and the imperial edict, the Amaterasu omikami, the Suko no Naruto, and the Mimi ina no Mikoto. The treasures of the Jingu Palace are more than 6,000 treasures, most of the royal family, the Tokugawa family related to important cultural property, with a name of the sword. Every year on June 5th the hot-field festival is the most lively activities of the Jingu Palace, can enjoy the lighting activities and fireworks, visitors are endless.
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_GG***61a big aquarium. lots of animals inside. including whales, dolphins, sea turtles, sharks and penguins. helpful staffs and lots of events
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Observation Deck
DanaI always pass by this piece of architectural art everytime I go to Sakae. The Nagoya TV Tower may no longer be accepting visitors recently, but it will never stop awing people with its beauty. It looks look Paris's Eiffel Tower in one glance. It is best to see it at night when it is all lit up. Unfortunately, recently, the local government of Nagoya has stopped lighting up the tower. I don't know the reason why, but yes, they did that. The tower is located inside Hisaya Odori Park and is readily accessible via all types of public and private transportation.
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DanaŌsu Kannon Temple is one of my favorite places in Nagoya. Other It is such a popular temple in the city that many people visit it during holidays. They also have a lot of Doves flying around, and people can choose to feed them. During holidays and local festivals, the temple grounds usually have Food Stalls lining up. Foods in these food stalls are quite affordable. The best thing about visiting Ōsu Kannon is the fact that the Ōsu Kannon shopping district is just right next to it. So basically, you can go shopping right after you marvel at the beauty of the temple. How convenient is that?