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Things To Do in Ningde

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芳芳330Tai'an Mountain is not far from Xiapu. You can take the high-speed rail from Xiapu Station to Tai'an Mountain Station. It is only one stop. However, I think it is more convenient to chartered the car. It takes about one and a half hours. Take an eco-car from the entrance to the mountainside and then start to tour. Be sure to look at the map before the tour and choose different walking routes from 3 hours to 7 hours according to your strength. I chose the hardest route and as a result the whole trip down the leg was going to cost. After visiting Taiyue Mountain, I learned that this mountain is very difficult to climb. There are many places that need to drill through the dark cave. I said that the black is the kind that can't be seen at all. I need to turn on my mobile phone flashlight. And not only is the black hole in the cave need to walk on my knees, I will bump my head if I accidentally hit it. It is common to use both hands and feet when drilling holes. Personally, I think a few places can't be missed, one is a first-line sky, the narrowest one in China, the narrowest place only 20 centimeters, fat people are very high probability of being caught. The second is Guoxing Temple, you can see the Tang Dynasty Guoxing Temple site. Third is the cloud sea plank road, the scenery is very beautiful, like the three clear mountains. If you want to drill a hole, gourd hole or tongtian hole drill a line, some big similarity and little difference, tongtian hole to climb up, so gourd hole than tongtian hole slightly better drill some.
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睡恣@M丶Standing on the observation deck overlooking the white water ocean floor of the large shallow water square, all eyes let me think of a sentence: green waves call for white waves, the wind blowing water rhyme very appropriate to look up the two sides of the Shuanglong Bridge cross-strait, the flowing water ancient bridge is a beautiful picture scroll. In the scenic area, love stacked peaks, the strange stone show, canyon deep, cliffs, bridges, waterfalls, peaks, mountains and waters blend.
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芳芳330Dalushan Island is one of the ten most beautiful islands in China. We booked a round-trip ticket online in advance, and only two boats a day went and returned. The boat trip is about half an hour. I took the early boat and told the crew that I would take the late boat back. It turned out that it really takes so much time. After going to the island, I bought tickets and eco-car tickets and went directly to the Tianhu Scenic Area at the top of the mountain. The size of Tianhu is really beautiful and suffocating. After walking to the observation platform of Little Tianhu, it is recommended that the elderly and children not go to climb the gravel to view the sea, it is too dangerous! Other places can walk according to their physical strength, the scenery is really different!
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Ancient Trees
Deepsplannewhat a great experience, the people are friendly and helpfull.
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320***955.1 There are too many people, not enough to enjoy, and it will be more fun to avoid holidays. Buy tickets online and change paper tickets. Queuing for half a day. You can sweep the QR code into the park. The weather is too hot. Do a good job of sun protection.
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小久和阿泽Very suitable for family trips, it is best to do a sightseeing car, and the road down is enough. If you really want to die of exhaustion! The mountain is clear and the water is beautiful, the cave is the best! There is an adventure experience, and it is very good to go up and down and everyone!

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Taimushan Gengleyuan Scenic SpotNingde,China

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White Cloud Mountain in Fu'anNingde,China

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China Bicheng Global Geopark Chenqiao Scenic AreaNingde,China

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Jiulixi Canyon Sports ParkNingde,China

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Xiaohao VillageNingde,China

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About Ningde

Ningde is situated in the northeast of Fujian province. It is known for its picturesque coastal landscapes surrounded by mountains. There are a number of popular attractions including Taimu Mountain, the beautiful coastal area of Sandu'ao, and Zhiti Mountain, which was described as the most beautiful mountain on earth by the Ming dynasty Yongle Emperor.

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