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Things To Do in Ottawa

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Historical Architecture
_GG***11the most significant and beautiful building in Ottawa, you can take a lot of pictures with joy and walk through Parliament Hill exploring different views of Ottawa and Hall
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小思文The National Gallery of Canada is a very delicate place, the art works of the gallery is quite a lot, you can enjoy a lot of art works here, the interior of the gallery is also quite large, the art style of this place is very mysterious, can see a lot.
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Water Conservancy Project
小思文The Rideau Canal is also the central river of Ottawa, this river has a long history, can experience many projects here, the canal is a very long ruined several cities, is also a very important mode of transportation, the canal channel is very wide, many bridges here;
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Historical Architecture
BetTerDAYI went to the Canadian Governor’s Mansion twice. The first time was pure check-in. The second time was because I saw in my travel notes that there were trees planted here by two Chinese leaders, so I came to look for them one by one. Still not found.
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M25***40Children like it very much. There are many items that children have always wanted to see, weapons, tools, cars and so on during the war. It’s interesting, it’s well preserved and the introduction is clear
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小思文The Royal Mint is also a place to visit, is an important coin-making place in Canada, can not visit here, the exterior building some years, is now the main currency, before metal money is less and less in this foundry inside.