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Things To Do in Qitaihe

58 Reviews
_We***47It’s great and the scenery is great. Suitable for walking and relaxing. A leisure place suitable for the elderly and children. You can also exercise. Very good. Suitable for all ages. Many people are now out walking the mountain. Exercise
64 Reviews
City Park
户户大人A very good indoor free public welfare and leisure park, suitable for taking children to play and walk here, but also suitable for a quiet daze, like the beautiful scenery here, it looks really good.
42 Reviews
滇国剑客Xidaquan Forest Park, at Qitai River, is equivalent to the lungs of the earth, breathing and conserving this holy soil at any time. The thick forest is like a black landscape, attracting the attention of visitors.
30 Reviews
Outdoor skiing
卡利亚诺李春Wanbaoshan Ski Resort has 500 meters of ski trails, 80 meters wide, 3,600 meters of ski-specific tows, 200 sets of slabs, 50 snow frisbees, 20 snow sledges, and auxiliary facilities with 310 square meters of ski room and restaurant . In addition, there are 10 small villas of 300 square meters for tourists' leisure and entertainment, with complete internal facilities, external transportation, electricity, and communication, which can fully meet the various needs of tourists.
19 Reviews
滇国剑客The shape of Shilong Mountain is very peculiar, and the forest coverage is like a big brocade, covering the mountain tightly. Therefore, the scenery of this place has a very unique charm, and many tourists who come to Qitai River will come here to enjoy the scenery.
23 Reviews
City Park
M41***05The scenery is good, the lotus in the lotus pond is a must-see every year, and the entertainment in the park is also very good. Children especially like it. Qitaihe is the most suitable park for children to play.