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Things To Do in Suqian

876 Reviews
Nature Reserve
睡恣@M丶A little rain, but not disturb the mood of the continuous spring rain, like a layer of the wetland beauty, with the unspeakable spirit travelers walking, such as walking in charming poetry and painting...
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Cultural Experiencial Area
睡恣@M丶The story between Liu Bang and Xiang Yu not only restores the famous history of Qing Ding, Hongmen Night Banquet and Wujiang Ziyi, but also fully displays the traditional culture of the country's non-legacy chess, silk brocade and warring families.
763 Reviews
睡恣@M丶Three dream trails, carrying on the back of the small bag, carrying comfortable slippers, found such a quiet path, began to find the journey: only two people can walk the path, in the dense trees, no mountain height, but can enjoy the smell of the mountain.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
M36***04As a person of Huai'an, it is necessary to see 😊 growing up drinking Yanghe wine from a young age! The winery is so big, the explanation is good, the raw pulp is free! The ticket purchaser has a small bottle of sea blue! Especially thanks to a young man who visited the last stop of the mall, saw me dragging my suitcase and offered to welcome a reply to the inquiry. Because the departure was in the offing, let me go to buy the ticket and tow the suitcase and help look after it. With such an employee, can the winery be ok!
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Theme Park
吴立珍Kela Hi Valley Theme Park takes the canal culture as its biggest feature, integrates the world’s five canal resources, and creates a canal joy experience tour that is intimately in contact with the world canals and fully interactive through rich modern amusement experiences. Each area has a corresponding canal. The real scene is used as a template to create a true reproduction of exotic cultures such as characteristic buildings and humanities along the canals of the world through the landscape.
165 Reviews
开心欧欧I have been to Suqian Zoo, there are battery cars that can be rented, and I have already contracted to operate it. I suggest going in and bring some cabbage for feeding animals, because there are many ostriches and oysters, the food sold in them is very expensive and limited, ostriches and oysters can only draw some grass for them to eat, not bad! Not too big, and a seal show!