Tai'erzhuang District
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Ancient Settlement
夏吹夏夜风Make a good strategy before travel, the hotel scenic spot ticket is booked directly online in advance, it is more convenient, the ancient city ticket can be free to travel within 3 days, individuals suggest that you enter the park after 6 pm, just in time for the night view. On the first day, I arrived at Zaozhuang High-speed Railway Station by high-speed rail. After getting off, there was a direct car B10 (the car is more difficult to wait, one shift for half an hour), I arrived directly at Taierzhuang, and then took a tricycle for 5 yuan to get to the gate of the scenic spot. I just caught the night view and swayed the boat. I felt the Jiangbei Water City. The next day, you can walk freely during the day, feel the comfortable life, the small bridge flowing water people, is busy people yearn for, there are performances during the day, you can slow down and walk around. Personal experience: 1. Stay in the ancient city for one night, have fun for one night, the bar see the old time bar, the individual prefers. 2. Going around during the day, I personally feel that the prices of things inside are not too expensive (except accommodation), but the food is not good. It is beautiful and worth going again.
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Memorial Hall
窝门济南地She''s got the hots your feet on before that you may lawfully looking shop to create change it to 10 what even go to the shop and talk to me a favor could you kind are you Banfi toffee Tom thought I''d seen the new my trailer today at sure if he tumbled Florida
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M30***52The lotus leaves are infinitely green, and three or two lotus branches reflect the sun. In mid-August, the lotus blooming season has been missed. However, the breeze is breezy, and the lotus leaf and the lotus are lightly shaken, which is also enjoyable! There will be a chance to enjoy lotus in June, which should be even more wonderful.
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莞邑虎岭The scenery is nice, I went last year, travel is sometimes just a mood release, like the fish that sinks in the bottom, feel bored before the thunderstorm arrives, eager to get to the water to breathe. Away from one city, to another city, whether it gives you a good or bad feeling, but a little constant, for the unknown landscape, we always hold the puppet and curiosity.
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Featured Neighborhood
左拉在旅行Photography does have characteristics, and the shape of the ship itself is also cultural. However, it seems that it is more difficult to find other angles or elements. The industry on the ship-shaped street is not amazing, especially during the epidemic, no one is angry, and there is no more interesting.
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Outdoor skiing
爱旅行的小老头Located in the ancient city, the ski resort is the only ski resort in Lunan area, where visitors can not only ski, but also enjoy snow scenery, snowball fights, snowman, sitting on sledge let dogs pull, and sheep pull sled. Also, the ski resort offers not only skateboarding, but also snowmobiling and snow bikes, which are very fun. The ski resort is divided into three tracks, namely, junior, intermediate and advanced, to accommodate different visitors. The snow is very thick, up to 2 meters, and there is also a children's playground, which is very good. But, because it was used at the beginning, so many supporting services are not very good, and it is still preferable to improve, and this ski resort is relatively small.

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YunHe ZhanGuanZaozhuang,China

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Canal Wetland ParkZaozhuang,China

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Shuanglong Lake Bird Viewing GardenZaozhuang,China

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Taierzhuang Ancient CityZaozhuang,China

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Lizongren Historical ArchiveZaozhuang,China

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Hejingzhi WenxueguanZaozhuang,China

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Tai'erzhuang District Weather

16 Oct, 2021
3 ~ 16
17 Oct, 2021
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18 Oct, 2021
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19 Oct, 2021
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20 Oct, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Tai'erzhuang District
16 Oct, 2021 Tai'erzhuang District Weather: Clear, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 72%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:15/17:34
Tai'erzhuang District Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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