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Things To Do in Taizhou

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vv在路上vvFor the combined ticket of Ligu Town and Lihu Wetland bought on Trip.com, it costs 90 yuan. You go to Ligu Town first. After picking up the ticket there, you can go to the Lihu Wetland and directly brush the ticket into. Wetland park area is very large, walk more than 10,000 steps, take a boat in and out, every half hour, 17 o'clock the last boat, free travel friends must grasp the time. We went in the 32-degree weather, I thought there would be a lot of green shade inside, in fact, there are a lot of hikes in the hot sun, of course, you can also choose to take a boat tour after entering the central scenic spot. I don't know if there is a sightseeing battery car. I only met a few staff on the way to the exit. The bottle car rushes out. Overall the views are still good and worth the trip.
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JCNits a really beautiful park to visit to escape the city for peace and tranquility. was good to be surrounded by so much nature and fresh air. the park looks amazing with all the trees and water surrounding it. it was also very cool to take a boat ride through the park
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Ancient Settlement
vv在路上vvThe first stop of Taizhou two-day tour. The epidemic prevention inspection of the visitor center is quite in place, in addition to looking at the health code, we have to see the 14-day itinerary data. If you buy a joint ticket with the Wuhu Wetland, if you buy a ticket for the Wuhu Ancient Town alone, 30 yuan feels worthless. A not long commercial street, next to a few lanes, the lanes of several old houses, formed an ancient town, the commercial street is selling fish ball fish cakes Huangqiao Bicake. The old town of Lixiahe area has similarities and differences with the old town of Jiangnan, which lacks the crisscrossed river, but the old house also has the taste of Suzhou garden. The weather is too hot, and it takes more than an hour to walk around.
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melindazThe port carved building, hearing this name feels very modern, unlike the name of an ancient building, because the building is located in the place called the port town, now called the port street, is a more than a thousand years of history of the Yangtze River coast port town, has "the water and land spoke, for the town of the puppet" the reputation, Now part of Taizhou City
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Historical Architecture
E31***11 I went to Fengcheng River Scenic Area in this Spring Festival with my family.Even though that wasn't the first time I went to Fengcheng River,this was the most beautiful one. Because of the large snown in the night,when we got up everything that I could see was white.After the breakfast,my father and I went to the river.It wasn't frozen.But two sides of the river was white which was a very beautiful scene.My father and I rounded two big snow ball which was about one metre high.And then we made a snow-man by them,but we didn't have any button so we used some leaves for his eyes and mouth.That was the most fantastic time for me in the whole year.It was a great fun!
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Hot Springs Resort
e36***03I have been to a lot of backs, you can book a convenient ticket on Trip.com, go to winter is better, because the open-air pool is the lake, is a good place for leisure. The lake wetland park is also good, three or two friends go to eat the eight fairies of lake, live in the Peninsula Hotel, it is good to go to hot springs.