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Things To Do in Weihai

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M60***14it's a most visit place. the journey to the island is very beautiful. the island is very beautiful with places worth seeing. it is highly suggested to visit this place
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mingkupFrom Weihai city to Rongcheng, it is to take the children to Xixiakou Safari Park. The conclusion is not a worthwhile trip. The only place that the zoo wants to complain is that it is too tired to walk down. .Unlike other safari parks, it is not possible to visit by car. From the beginning of climbing the park, all the steps down, or more physical need, especially children tired to hold. Saying, the next is the advantage of the zoo. First, almost all animals are in a very good state, and there are many kinds of animals, even better than the current Beijing Zoo. We talked to a chimpanzee keeper for a while, saying that 10 years ago it was the largest zoo in Asia, so size and species of animals were OK. Second, children were able to feed small animals almost at will, as long as they were not too much, and the child could feel the joy. The managements almost never stop. Finally the biggest highlight of the zoo, the last ocean area, and definitely don't miss this area. Of course walking to this area, it may be very, very tired. The sea area of Xixiakou Zoo is directly connected with the sea, which means that all the animals in the sea area are in the open sea. When we walked to this area, we happened to catch up with the keepers feeding, the kind keepers uncle gave a lot of fish, let the baby feed itself seals, sea lions. We went to the zoo at home and abroad not too few, it was really shocking. Recommended.
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139***27There are two parts of the scenic cableway, one skyscraper cableway and one into the head mountain. It is recommended to take the skyscraper cableway. Although the time is long, it is also a good experience to sit in the cable car and watch the sea view. Motianling is Qi Jiguang repelling the place, in the coastal plank road there is a large stone carving facing the sea, the coastal plank road is still worth a walk, not very tired, but the crystal palace is a bit boring, but the plank road must go through, still have to walk. After the ride back from the skyline, you can sit in the small train into the mountain to visit the endless, the new Matsu Temple and the sun photograph in the middle we did not visit, but the small train must get off and change to Chengtou Mountain, for the elderly with inconvenient legs is very inconvenient; When you arrive at Chengtou Mountain, you can walk to the endless scenic spot in a few minutes. You can look out to the statue of Rizu and spend 20 yuan to feed the seagulls. It is also a very good experience. Most people go to visit the endless day after the small train back, but it is recommended to continue to the east gate direction to visit the Qinhuang Temple, the only temple in the Qin Shihuang in China, not many people go. When you arrive soon, you will see the Guanyin Temple first. Next to the Taoist Temple of Qinhuang Temple, there are former Japanese ancestors, Matsu, Jade Emperor, Qin Shihuang Statue, etc., but there are still statues of Lisi ... because the statues are old, people also say that one person is a little afraid to visit. Near the temple of Qin Dynasty, there is also the second time Qin Shihuang came here to shoot, it is worth a visit.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
金刚大宝宝Theme-style scenic spot, quite interesting, like sports outdoors, like the scenery, like to swim fast and slow, age from small to most can find their favorite play points, the scenery is very good, play a lot of projects are a good place to go.
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元气满满夏少女Recently, Rongcheng had a fog, went twice, and waited for two hours to get on the boat around the island. Ship ticket + Seagull grain package on the boat can get a cup of small fish. After sailing, the seagull will chase the boat and fly. It is an interesting experience to feed the seagulls up close on the deck.
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泰山赤鳞鱼Very suitable for family traveling together, let the children know the ocean, close to nature. The final ocean show is very good, especially the dolphin 🐬, a while swimming fast, a while jumping high. The two beluga whales are also very powerful, fully showing the harmony between man and nature. The downsides are still too small to go around in over an hour