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Things To Do in Wenchuan

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欲飞的鸟Wolong China Giant Panda Shenshuping Base [Wolong China Giant Panda Research and Protection Center] is a giant panda base rebuilt after the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, located in the Wolong National Nature Reserve Management Bureau of Sichuan Province, the town of Wolong Shenshuping, the yellow lawn area, covering an area of about 150 hectares. Shenshuping base has more than 50 pandas, including the base in 2017 newborn panda baby. Look at the national treasure, so beautiful, so cute, so exciting!
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Water Conservancy Project
Yoj DThe weather is cloudy. The irrigation scenery is amazing. We went there during holiday so it’s a bit crowded. I’m curious what’s the significance of the stone packed in a bamboo.
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老吴华哥Taoping Yaozhai is located in the village of cherry ping, Zagu Naohe, Lixian County, is a national key plough protection unit, nine yellow line tourism circle important scenic spots. Taoping Yaozhai is the world's most intact and human-residential plough and folk-houses merge into one building group, enjoy the "natural air conditioning" reputation. Its perfect groundwater network, all-round passageway and the labyrinth-style architecture art of the towers are known by Chinese and foreign scholars as "living fossils of the architecture art of the Yi people", "mystical Oriental Castle".
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Nature Reserve
沈福成The morning in Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve made me gradually adapt to the real late autumn atmosphere. Friendly reminder, simply eating a vegetarian diet will not lose weight! The giant panda is really cute! Sichuan is really a treasure
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Taoist Temple
E25***89It’s a beautiful place to get away from downtown for a day or two. Fresh air, fab scenery & cultural places of interest. Easy to take a bus or train from Chengdu
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60岁极省自由行The second floor is a presentation of Wenchuan's history and culture, which includes five exhibition halls: "Through the Six Millennium", "Ancient Linglong Homeland", "Urban Footprint", "Red Wenchuan" and "Yi Culture". There are the ruins of the ruins of Jiangwei City, and the stone burial excavated in the New Stone Age two-eared jars and other valuable cultural relics.