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Things To Do in Yancheng

640 Reviews
M22***42From Yancheng high-speed rail to Dongtai, a few minutes walk to Dongtai Station, there is a direct bus to the scenic spot. The scenic spot is very beautiful, forest net oxygen bar. Must rent an electric car in the scenic spot, otherwise waste legs, there are a variety of specifications of electric cars for rent, video of this electric car 30 yuan an hour. The last bus of the scenic spot back to Dongtai is 4:50, sometimes don't get in the station, you have to go to the side of the road. But there is no taxi near the restricted area. I want to go to the police mud. Finally, I asked the local people to help find a taxi that happened to be at home. The police mud is also very worth going.
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E58***29People visiting yancheng must put it on their bucket list. Just a heads up, not recommended during national holidays though
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Nature Reserve
_We***26Nicest place in the city of Yancheng. Rent a bike and have a great ride. Bring your own foods!!
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Nature Reserve
老鼠mI hope that Trip.com will have an explanation as soon as possible, and must book an explanation! Elk is off the horn once a year in winter, and the male deer group will have a tussle every June, which lasts about 1 month, and the winner is the king. Like the queen of bees, the king of deer has the absolute right to territory and reproduction. 85% of the male elk are single for life.
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E58***29very beautiful.. we had a BBQ activity there.. it was an amazing experience
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8867518Interesting and fun, overall superb, good scenery, high cost performance, just near the highway intersection, the traffic is very convenient, the countryside is infinitely good, the supporting facilities are not completely perfect, otherwise it will be better