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Things To Do in Zhaodong

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38 Reviews
City Park
火焱火焰HuoIt is the most important place for Zhaodong residents to take leisurely workouts. It fully reflects the scene of people living and working well in Zhaodong. Outside the park is the morning city. After people exercise, they go to the breakfast shop in the morning city to eat. There is a peaceful and warm atmosphere.
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滇国剑客In addition to the lighting, the color of the summer enters the Millennium Island Wetland Park, which is affected by the light, and produces a large amount of green "㡳 color", the water surface also shimmers with light waves, as if the entire wetland park is a beautiful painted world.
9 Reviews
Botanical Garden
滇国剑客Zhaodong Botanical Garden is the same as other botanical gardens, except for the novel plants and flowers, the biggest highlight here is to expand the spatial vision by relying on the landscape, making the garden features more grounded.
11 Reviews
M56***32I spent three years in Zhaodong, and I didn't know there was a place.
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Historical Site
紫墨手摄Puji Temple is located on Hulu Mountain in Wuhang North Gate Park of Changle, Fuzhou. It is in front of the tides of Taiping Ancient Port, and its back is the majesty of Liuping and the first stone. It has five horses and six aolets on the left and golden rooster and white deer on the right. It is majestic and beautiful. Show, look far, and have a panoramic view of Hangcheng. The layout of the Puji Temple is rigorous and ingenious. The main buildings on the central axis are the Shanmen, Maitreya Hall, Daxiong Hall, Guanyin Pavilion, Dharma Hall, and Tibetan Scripture Pavilion. Garan Hall, Patriarch Hall, Monastery, Reading Room, Xiangji Kitchen, etc. The roof is made of yellow glazed tiles, cornices and hook corners, simple and elegant. In the open space in the temple, a variety of stone lamps, towers and various exotic flowers and plants that bloom throughout the seasons are lined up. In the simplicity and freshness, it shows dignity in the solemnity. In recent years, people from all walks of life at home and abroad have come to visit and inspectors, and everyone admires it as a holy place for Buddhist worship and a tourist attraction. Puji Temple has five major characteristics: Hulushan Puji Temple was inscribed by the former president of the Chinese Buddhist Association, Zhao Pu; each building in the temple has an ancient corridor. The corridor stones and stone pillars are exquisite and rare in other places; the Buddha statues in the temple are very exquisite in face, proportion, and plastic work. The two "Buddhist Tripitaka" collected in the Cangjing Pavilion are precious and rare, and are regarded as the treasures of the temple; the large bronze bell cast in the temple is known as "the first bell of the temple in Fujian."
3 Reviews
Art Museum
150***88A palace of art, works of famous Chinese painting artists! Worth a visit!

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