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幸福之草# Pick up Huangguoshu Waterfall # China's First Great Waterfall Departed at 07:30, returned to Anshun City at 18:30, the legs are about to be worn out, and the bacon and rice hot pot comforted us. No. 1 station # Huangguoshu Waterfall Cloth, huge, majestic, immersed in its environment, close to the nature of the magic axe, through the water curtain hole must wear a raincoat, bring waterproof mobile phone cover, otherwise wet body wet machine! #2nd station # Duppotang Waterfall, very wide, clear water flow, 86 edition of "Journey to the West" to find the location, looking for childhood memories #3 station #Tianxingqiao Scenic Area, the longest distance, the first half to Gaolaozhuang, just like visiting the park, the second half of the heavy play, #Tianxing Cave, the terrace-like landscape that has been washed by water in the cave is very attractive, the stalactites in the cave are different in form and strange in shape, #Silver chain falling pool waterfall, about 10 meters high, in the shape of a funnel, The currents poured down from all around, like silver chains falling into the pool, spectacular. Recommended for those who need it!
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Ancient Settlement
Cultural Experiencial Area
晓鸣祥铃Qiannian Buyi Guzhai 1-Gaodang Village, located in the southwest of Zhenning Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, Anshun City, Guizhou Province, about 12 kilometers. This is a village of the Buyi people with nearly a thousand years of history, because the village is located in the mountains, like a pot on the peaks, Buyi language is named "Weng Zao" Chinese meaning "Gao Dang" so named. This ancient village was built in the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty gradually became the scale. The house of the thousand-year-old Buyi Village is stone wood structure, dry column stone slab house, house, stockade door is basically intact, no adhesive, but on-site materials with shale building, stone tile. Walking through the village, watching the history of the ancient buildings, feeling the uncoverable style of the years! Stone gate, stone bridge, stone tile, stone wall, stone house, stone alley, as if into the "Stone Age", ancient well, ancient monuments, ancient castles like back to "Ming Dynasty barracks", walk in the stockade has a sense of time travel. Personally, it is worth a visit. The old village is said to be now privately run. Tickets are required for people under 60.
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D34***16Gorgeous waterfall, on Tuesday in the summer holidays, there were no queues. No need to take the escalator down, it's an easy walk.
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滇国剑客The water pool is a special scene from the underground water, very strange, and this natural wonder nature is a famous, Xiangxi Travels here as a site.
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可爱的小昊子Located between the mountains of western Hunan, this magic karst cave is adjacent to the famous Huangguoshu scenic spot. The multi-million-year erosion created this unique landscape. Stalactites show different shapes in lighting.
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Rock Monument
lyn0919Along the path of the Ponytail Falls, you enter the scenic spots. The black rock wall of the scenic area is like a reef, and there are large shallow water below. There are many cacti growing on the big rock wall. The small rocks are different shapes like the sea. It is very good looking. The scenic area on this large area of water by natural stones to make the twisting stone trail, the trail in the stone wall shuttle, sometimes narrow, sometimes wide, twisting and twisting is very fun. The most interesting is the date of 365 days a year on each sarcophagus, a stone is a step, a step is a day, a total of 365 different shapes of stones in the water, just a year. People in the scene, as if in the painting swim, everyone walks while looking at the date on the stone, found that their birth of the piece, is their own "living", and then will stand on their "living", make a wish, leave a shadow. I think the scenic design is really ingenious, this water, stone taste reflected. You see, this is my husband's "living step", with Nobel on the same day birthday. Also found me, I and Charles II birthday.

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About Zhenning

Zhenning County is located in the southwest of Guizhou's central plateau and abounds with attractions, including the national-level scenic areas of the Huangguoshu Waterfall and Dragon Palace. In addition to these, Zhenning is a “karst kingdom” that boasts a unique karst topography, many karst caves, underground caverns, waterfalls, and springs. Zhenning has a comparatively high population of ethnic minority residents, including the Bouyei and Bai, with a variety of unique folk cultures and customs.

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27 Oct, 2021 Zhenning Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 79%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:02/18:19
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