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Things To Do in Zibo

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Historical Architecture
D33***68If you got free time then definetely visit the site. Great place with ancient streets, old buildings, Zhousun Sesame Seed Cake factory, street food, gift shops etc.
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漫山散步Tanxi Mountain Scenic Area is beautiful in the clear water, the scenery is magnificent, it is integrated with the natural and human landscape. It has been more than 10 years since its establishment. It is still continuously developing and improving. As long as I have the opportunity to go to enjoy the scenery here every year, every time I visit, I have new harvest. All have different feelings! I look forward to the north line of Tanxi Mountain as soon as possible, and continue to visit Changyou next year ✌️
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Geological Sites
赫丹尼亚李鸿章The last time I came to junior high school in 2000, today I took my child and revisited. There are many places to see. I remember that I have seen the time so fast. When I came, there were only karst caves. The light and shadow effects inside were good. The sister who explained the story was also more enthusiastic. It's that I have too many children in this wave. It's more lively and not listening too clearly. . The name of the attraction feels similar to the last time, the style seems to have not changed, when I came out, I saw the tables and chairs of the last century, this feeling seems to be back in the previous years, and then made a free sightseeing car to go to the Bird Park. I feel that the pigeon peacock inside is not at all restrained, not afraid of people, too tired the third attraction did not turn down the mountain and go home, a more pleasant trip, although the body is tired or awesome 🙈
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Famous Residences
147***11Maybe because it is not the weekend, holiday reasons, from the garden to leave alone, winter really gives a kind of scary feeling, the feeling of the later stage is too obvious, the tomb, temple is worth seeing!
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M37***52Qishan is located in Taihe Town, Zichuan District, Zibo City. It is the boundary mountain between the ancient Qi and Lu States. The scenery is good. The East Road goes up the mountain, the first road is accompanied by stream water, the West Road goes down the mountain, it takes 5 hours to walk the ancient plank road, climb the mountain and take pictures. The four major attractions are Alpine hanging waterfall Guanyin Waterfall, Yunding Tangshan Village, Shili Gallery ancient path, King Longmai Qimen Cave, especially worth a look, in short, compared with the Tanxi Mountain, there are thousands of autumn! Not a worthwhile trip!
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Hot Springs Resort
_We***11I had a good time, and I felt very cold when I first looked at others. After soaking by myself for 10 minutes, I feel very comfortable. After soaking for a while, it snowed, which is exactly what I expected. The sultry heat of the bubble was just comfortable for Xiaoxue. The child is having fun.