Best Restaurants in April in Manila (Updated 2024)

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8Sincerity - Lucky Chinatown

5 Reviews
£8Southeast Asian
洛洛子Jennie#I'm overseas for New Year's Eve check in Chinatown, Philippines Lucky Chinatown, full of year! Welcome to Chinatown's "New Year's Celebration" If you are in the Philippines and want the atmosphere of the New Year, then you must not miss Chinatown Lucky Chinatown. I went there in person these two days, and the streets and alleys are full of lanterns, which is very lively. Almost every business here is marked in Chinese, making you feel like you are in a bustling city in China. The Chinese culture of the old overseas Chinese is well preserved. I personally think that the Chinese culture of some old overseas Chinese is still very good. They have carefully preserved the traditional Chinese culture of the year, so that wanderers who are far away in foreign countries can also feel the taste of their hometown. Here, you can taste authentic Chinese cuisine, such as dumplings, hot pot, barbecue, etc.; you can also enjoy the wonderful lion dance and dragon dance performance, and feel the strong holiday atmosphere. In addition to the rich annual culture, Chinatown Lucky Chinatown is still a good place to shop. There are a variety of goods, from home supplies, clothing shoes and hats to electronics, cosmetics, etc., and the price is reasonable, the quality is excellent, absolutely make you value for money. The opportunity to interact with locals in Chinatown, you can also interact with locals to learn about their lives and culture. The residents here are hospitable and helpful. You can ask them about their habits and traditional festivals. This way, you can not only have a pleasant holiday, but also make many new friends. If you want to have a new year in the Philippines, then Chinatown is definitely your best choice. Here, you can feel the warmth of your hometown, experience the strong holiday atmosphere, and enjoy the fun of shopping and the opportunity to communicate with locals. So, hurry up to Chinatown Lucky Chinatown check in! #Good place for the New Year #Collect the New Year Good Luck Ceremony